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The tinkerer is a place where you can get rid of your unwanted books or enchanted gear and get other useful items in return. Players can access the enchanter with the Tinkerer NPC placed at /spawn or by typing the command /tinkerer.


If you have opened a book and aren't happy with what you got, you can still make use of it by trading the tinkerer to receive enchantment dust. The tier of secret dust you receive depends on the tier of book that you trade into the tinkerer as well as the success rate of the book. For example, if you put a Tank IV ultimate book with a 54% success rate, you would receive ultimate secret dust with the chance to receive 0-5% ultimate dust.

Enchanted Gear

The Cosmic Tinkerer will take any piece of enchanted gear and provide to you exp in exchange for that piece! Found some old gear hanging around that's not quite what you need on the battlefield? This is the guy to take it to! Use that added exp to trade in the /ah or better yet, go get yourself a custom enchant book from the Cosmic Enchanter! The maximum pieces of gear you can give to the Tinkerer at any given time is 23

  • Note: Amount of exp varies depending on amount of custom enchants on gear