Specialized Lootboxes

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Lootboxes like these contain some of the most sought after loot in the entire Cosmoverse!

Special Armor

Random M-Kit Gem Generator

Random m-kit gem gen.png

Countergeit Goods

Counterfeit goods.png

Weapons Cache

Weapon cache box.png

Godly Phantom Equipment Box

Godly Phantom Equip.png

Heroic Armoset Lootboxes

  • This lootbox gives 1 piece from a given set and has a different lootbox for each armor set.

Heroic Armorset Box.png

Event Lootboxes

Warp Conquest Lootbag

Warp Conquest Lootbag.png

A.R.E Lootbag

Raid Event Bag.png

KOTH Lootbag

Koth Bag.png

Reset Tool Kit

Reset tool kit.png

Dungeon Lootbag: Abandoned Spaceship

Abandoned spaceship.png

Dungeon Lootbag: Destroyed Outpost

Destroyed outpost.png

Kit Lootboxes

Vkit Gear Bundle

Gear Bundle V.png

Gkit Gear Bundle

Gear Bundle G.png

Random M-Kit Generator

Random mkit.png

Pet Lootboxes

PvP Pet Lootbox

Pvp pet lootbox.png

Mystery Pet Loobox

Mystery Pet Box v2.png

Mask Lootboxes

Godly Warzone Multi-Mask Lootbox

Godly warzone multimask.png

Anti-Silence Mutli-Mask Lootbox

Anti-silence multi.png

Terminator Multi-Mask Lootbox

Terminator multi mask.png

Zeus Multi-Mask Lootbox

Zeus multi mask.png

Monopoly Multi-Mask Lootbox

Mono multi mask.png

PvP Mask Lootbox

Pvp mask lootbox.png

Random Multi-Mask Generator

Random multi-mask gen box.png

Mystery Mask Generator

Mask Gen.png

Godly Lootboxes

Godly Multi-Mask Lootbox

Godly mutil-mask box.png

Godly Phantom Equipment box

Godly Phantom Equip.png

Godly Warzone Multi-Mask Lootbox

Godly warzone multimask.png

Miscellaneous Lootboxes

Autumn Warm-up Lootbox

Autumn warm-up box.png

Mystery Lootbox

Mystery Lootbox v2.png

Dungeon Portal Lootbox

Dungeon portal box.png

Heroic Blackscroll Generator

Heroic blackscroll gen.png

Mystery Soul Gem

Mystery soul gem.png

Random Heroic Upgrade Generator

Random heroic upgrade gen.png

Random Enchant Orb Generator

Random enchant orb gen.png

Random Armor Crystal Generator

Random armor crystal gen.png