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  • Iron Golem Spawner: $2,000,000 x1
  • Blaze Spawner: $390,000 x1
  • Creeper Spawner:$390,000 x1
  • Enderman Spawner: $390,000 x1
  • PigZombie Spawner: $390,000 x1
  • Slime Spawner: $1,300,00 x1
  • CaveSpider Spawner: $90,000 x1
  • Spider Spawner: $95,000 x1
  • Skeleton Spawner: $115,000 x1
  • Zombie Spawner: $115,000 x1
  • Cow Spawner: $162,000 x1
  • Sheep Spawner: $95,000 x1
  • Chicken Spawner: $65,000 x1
  • Pig Spawner: $65,000 x1
  • Wolf Spawner: $97,500

Specialty Spawners

Mystery Mob Spawner

Mystery Mob Spawners

  • These bad boys give you a chance at a random spawner of the following and cost $3,000,000!
Iron Golem
Mooshroom Cow
Magma Cube

MooShroom Cow Spawner


  • Cow's with a kick, only these bad boys don't drop steak and leather, and no, we couldn't be so cruel to make them drop stew, though it was a thought ;) With HP at 55 and a drop of Gold Ingots, Gold Blocks and red mushrooms, Mooshroom spawners, cross referenced with cows and IG's, boast a better payout if you have an efficient layout than IGs! But don't ask me for my secret grinder build, when I had finally perfected it I was all but done! Get yourself a bunch of these bad boys and you'll be rolling in an extra boost to your balance!
  • Mooshroom Cows are rare spawners with a few requirements
    • They Need light, Torches, Glowstone, Lava something to brighten the place up!
    • A place to spawn!
      • They can spawn on Grass or Mycelium Blocks
    • Farming methods:
      • Most people farm them like a normal cow spawner, Killing them with a fall Mooshrooms have a lot more health than your cows so make sure the fall is high enough!

Magma Cube Spawner


  • This ain't your Momma's typical slime mob! With 30 HP these bad boys are all about the grind. They give a boost to xp gained, compared to blaze, and offer a slight increase in pay with the diamonds they drop! These guys don't die from fall damage, water or lava, so get your best grinding sword ready! Remember though, All these cube like beasts are fickle and often can pose a challenge when trying to set up the perfect grinder
  • Magma Cube spawners are pretty tame and don't need to much when it comes to using them but there is a few things to recall.
    • These cubes are big boys and need room to spawn, Your typical blaze style farm might need some spacing changed.
    • they are 2x2 mobs this is important if you plan to grind them!
      • Magma cubes drop diamonds and significant amounts of XP, The higher your looting enchant the faster you get diamonds!

Ghast Spawners


  • The eerie sounds of the nether are making their way to a base near you and her cries will be heard to all those nearby! These guys, just like all spawners, spawn with no AI making their grinders a little more challenging until you figure it out, but those shiny emeralds make it well worth it in the end. If you're good, you'll have this one sorted in no time but patience young padawan, with a slower spawn rate it's best to gather a few before investing in the build! Can you tame the Ghast, own it and reap the rewards!
  • Ghasts are monsterous beasts and annoyingly loud as well! but it is defiently worth it for the cash flow they provide
    • Ghast are well worth the time it might take to get a few of them with their precious drops of emeralds!
      • Ghasts die 1 at a time
      • Ghasts are 4x4x4 mobs

Event Spawners

  • Event Spawners are rare and only obtainable at certain times or during specific Admin events!

Silver Fish Spawner

  • Silver Fish spawners are available in 2 ways! From Admin specific events and at the beginning of the map in the wilderness.
    • Silver Fish spawners are far and few, will you be able to claim 1 of the at most 4 naturally spawned silver fish spawners?

SnowMen Spawners

  • Spawners only obtainable from an Admin set event!
    • Snowman Spawners are fun for everyone! who doesn't love having a source for infinite snowballs! Pelt your friends to your hearts content
      • SnowMen will die when spawned inside of a desert Biome and also when touched by water / rain.

Bat Spawners

  • Spawners only obtainable from an Admin set event!
    • Bat Spawners are fun for all... Place this bad boy down so everyone can enjoy their beautiful screeching

Witch Spawners

  • Oh boy here we go... Like the idea of Black Magic? Then these are for you, With their black hats and purple gowns they are here to do absolutely nothing but laugh at you

Spawner Mechanics

  • Spawners work slightly differently on cosmic than they may other places.
  • Spawners activate in a 32 x 64 x 32 radius
  • The Bunny Mask Increases mob spawn rates in a single chunk.
  • Water protting / lava protting spawners does not work on cosmic. You can cegg spawners through water and lava but if a player is doing this it is still against the rules
  • If you come across this while actively raiding someone hop in the Teamspeak to get it resolved.
  • If not actively raiding the faction please post a Ban Report.

Spawner Stacking

  • The time has come! No longer will you have to worry about how you are going to fit your massive amount of spawners in just a 15x15 base! Stackable Spawners will give you the ability to house much more spawners in a smaller area!


How does a player stack spawners?

  • Place down the spawner
  • Right-click the spawner with another of the same kind in hand to deposit in the same stack
    • Make sure you are not crouched/sneaking to be able to place a new spawner in the same stack
    • To check how many spawners are stacked in a block you can simply right click without a spawner in your hand.
  • Continue to follow step 2 until you have reached the maximum per stack allowed (10 spawners is the max)
  • To start a new stack of spawners you can simply crouch/sneak and place the new spawner next to the fully stacked block
  • When the stack is silk touched or exploded it will drop the amount that was in the stack
  • When mining up spawners, the fee will be multiplied by the amount of spawners in the stack

Spawners per chunk?

Spawner claim.png

  • Doing /f map in a chunk will tell you exactly how many of each kind of spawners that are in the chunk you are currently standing in! Simply hover your mouse over the spawner count!
    • Spawners will only stack in claimed land
    • This makes counting your spawners a breeze now you have accurate bragging rights, no more guesstimating!