Soul Enchants

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Soul enchants are a special type of Custom Enchants that are very powerful, unlike other enchants Soul Enchants cost "Souls" to use.


Soul gem.png
Item: Soul Gem
Command: /splitsouls, /withdrawsouls, /ws

Souls are the heart of Soul Enchants. When you use Soul Enchants they consume souls from your soul gems. Souls can be acquired from Outposts, Alchemist Vkit, and withdrawn from a Soul Tracker.

Soul Gems

Soul Gems can be split (to share or keep usage controlled) as well as combined for ease of use.

IMPORTANT: Your Soul Gem WILL drop on death so guard it well.

Some enchants will require activation of your Soul Gem. Soul Gems can be activated by right-clicking the Gem. Players will receive notification in the chat when souls are being depleted and indicate the qty of souls you have remaining after 20 souls are consumed. Enchants of this nature will only proc when the Soul Gem is active.

Soul Trackers

Soul Trackers are applied to a weapon of your choice. They always apply successfully with zero chance of failure and track every death at the hands of your blade. Available in five tiers each color representative of the Cosmic Tiers

  • White: Simple - The easiest of all Soul Trackers to obtain
  • Green: Unique - Slightly more rare to acquire than Simple
  • Blue: Elite - Midrange rarity
  • Yellow: Ultimate - Rare and seldom found
  • Gold: Legendary - Obscure, something to be truly treasured!

Souls from a soul tracker can be withdrawn into a Soul Gem simply by executing /ws or /splitsouls while holding your Soul Harvester weapon in your hand. The quantity of souls you withdraw are given a multiplier based on the rarity of your Soul Harvester.

  • Legendary: 25 Gems per kill
  • Ultimate: 20 Gems per kill
  • Elite: 15 Gems per kill
  • Unique: 10 Gems per kill
  • Simple: 5 Gems per kill​

Soul Books

Soul book.png

Unlike regular Custom Enchants book, Soul Books cannot be acquired from The Enchanter. Therefore players must aquire these books from Envoys, Space Chests, Alchemist Vkit, KOTH, Heroic Rank Kit, Certain Cosmic Crates, and Dungeon Loot Bags.