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What is McMMO? McMMO enables the player to use Special Abilities, gather better loot, and level up individual skills to improve their abilities and benefits.

How do I get "McMMO"? You get McMMO in XP points for doing simple tasks based on the skill. The higher level you are, the more xp it will take to level the skill. You do not gain xp from killing/taming mobs


  • /stats -check your stats and skills
  • /(skill) -check out a mcmmo skill
  • /credits -check your credit count
  • /redeem (skill) (amount) -add credits to a skill
  • /mcmmoxp (skill) -shows the amount of mcmmo xp you have in a certain skill
  • /withdrawmcmmmo (skill) (xp) -withdraw mcmmo xp into a note

McMMO credits can be purchased from the store or obtained via vouchers in-game.

Note: You cannot redeem credits to a child skill such as salvage.

Gaining XP

Each skill is acquitted with a way of gaining XP

(Archery, Axes, and Swords only gain XP through PvP (Player v Player) not PvE (Player v Environment))


Block Type EXP Gained
Acacia Wood 90
Birch Wood 90
Dark Oak Wood 90
Jungle Wood 100
Oak Wood 100
Spruce Wood 80
Huge Mushroom (Brown/Red) 70


Block Type EXP Gained
Red Sandstone 115
Andesite 30
Diorite 30
Glowstone 30
Granite 30
Hardened Clay 30
Mossy Cobblestone 30
Netherrack 30
Sandstone 30
Stone 30
Stained Clay 50
Packed Ice 50
Coal Ore 100
Nether Quartz Ore 100
End Stone 150
Obsidian 150
Iron Ore 250
Redstone Ore 250
Gold Ore 350
Lapis Lazuili Ore 400
Diamond Ore 1000
Emerald Ore 10000


Block Type EXP Gained
Grass 40
Mycelium 40
Dirt 40
Gravel 40
Sand 40
Soul Sand 40
Clay Block 40


Crop EXP Gained
Grass 10
Cocoa Bean 10
Pumpkin 20
Sugar Cane 30
Wheat 50
Nether Wart 50
Flowers 100
Mushrooms 150


Activity EXP Gained
Catching a Fish 800
Getting Treasure 1000
Successful Shake 50

Acrobatics (Note: Feather Falling boots multiply the experience gained by two)

Action EXP Gained
Half Heart Lost/Dodged 120
Heart of damage taken with a Roll or Graceful Roll 80
Death 0

McMMO level cap

(Note: Skill can exceed their cap but they do NOT affect your abilities and benefits)

Skill Level Cap
Swords 1250
Axes 1250
Archery 1000
Unarmed 1000
Taming 1500
Woodcutting 1500
Excavation 1500
Repair 1500
Fishing 1500
Alchemy 1500
Herbalism 1500
Mining 1500
Acrobatics 1500
Salvage (Child of Repair and Fishing) 1000
Smelting (Child of Mining and Repair) 1000




  • Disarm: Drops the foes item held in hand - Max Chance to disarm 1.38%
  • Iron Arm Style: Hardens your arm over time - Max Upgrade is +8 Damage
  • Arrow Deflect: Deflects Arrows - Max 15% Chance to Deflect Arrows
  • Iron Grip: Prevents you from being Disarmed - Max Chance to Iron Grip is 100%


  • Counter Attack: Reflect 50% of damage taken while blocking - Max Counter Attack chance is 30%
  • Serrated Strikes (ABILITY): 25% DMG AoE, Bleed+ AoE - Max Serrated Strikes Length is 27s
  • Serrated Strikes Bleed+: 5 Tick Bleed
  • Bleed: Apply a bleed DoT - Max Bleed Length 3 ticks / Max Bleed Chance is 75%


  • Skull Splitter: Deal AoE Damage - Max Skull Splitter Length 27s
  • Critical Strikes: Double Damage - Max Chance to critically strike 37.5%
  • Axe Mastery: Adds bonus DMG - Max bonus 4 damage
  • Armor Impact: Strike with enough force to shatter armor - Max deal 17.667 DMG to armor
  • Greater Impact: Deal bonus damage to unarmored foes - Max deal 2 bonus damage to unarmored foes


  • Skill Shot: Increases damage done with bows - Max bonus damage is 200%
  • Daze (Players): Disorients foes and deals 4 DMG - Max Chance to daze is 50%
  • Arrow Retrieval: Chance to retrieve arrows from corpses - Max Chance to retrieve arrows is 100%


  • Beast Lore: Bone-whacking inspects wolves & ocelots
  • Gore: Critical Strike that applies Bleed - Max Chance is 100%
  • Sharpened Claws: Damage Bonus - Max Bonus Damage is +2
  • Environmentally Aware: Cactus/Lava Phobia, Fall DMG Immune
  • Thick Fur: DMG Reduction, Fire Resistance - Max Damage reduction is 50%
  • Shock Proof: Explosive Damage Reduction - Max Explosives damage deduction is 16.667%
  • Fast Food Service: Chance for wolves to heal on attack - Max Chance is 50%
  • Holy Hound: Healed by Magic & Poison
  • Call of the Wild: Summon an animal to your side (Crouch and left-click)

Animal Summoning

Animal Cost
Ocelot 10 Raw Fish
Wolf 10 Bone
Horse 10 Apple



  • Giga Drill Breaker (ABILITY): 3x Drop Rate, 3x EXP, +Speed - Max Giga Drill Breaker Length is 32s
  • Treasure Hunter: Ability to dig for treasure


  • Super Breaker (ABILITY): Speed+, Triple Drop Chance - Max Super Breaker Legnth 32s
  • Blast Mining: Bonuses to mining with TNT - Max Blast Mining Buffs: +233.33% Ore yield, -100% debris yield, 3x drops
  • Bigger Bombs: Increases TNT explosion radius - Max Radius increase +4
  • Demolitions Expertise: Decreases damage from TNT explosions - Maximum Damage decrease 100%


  • Green Terra (ABILITY): Spread the Terra, 3x Drops - Max Length 32s
  • Green Thumb (Wheat): Auto-Plants crops when harvesting - Max Chance 100% / Crops grow in stage 4
  • Green Thumb (Blocks): Make bricks mossy, or make grass grow - Max Chance 100% / Crops grow in stage 4
  • Farmer's Diet: Improves hunger restored from farmed food - Max Rank is 5
  • Hylian Luck: Gives a small chance of finding rare items- Max Chance is 10%
  • Shroom Thumb: Spread mycelium to dirt & grass - Max Chance is 50%
  • Double Drops (All Herbs): Double the normal loot - Max Chance is 100%


  • Tree Feller (ABILITY): Make trees explode - Max Length 32s
  • Leaf Blower: Blow away leaves
  • Double Drops: Double the normal loot - Max Chance 100%


  • Treasure Hunter (Passive): Fish up misc. objects - Max Rank is 8
  • Magic Hunter: Find Enchanted Items - Max Magic Hunter Chance is 25%
  • Ice Fishing: Allows you to fish in icy biomes
  • Master Angler: Improves chance of getting a bite while fishing
  • Shake (vs. Entities): Shake items off of mobs w/ fishing pole - Max Shake Chance is 75%
  • Fisherman's Diet: Improves hunger restored from fished foods - Max Rank is 5

Drop Rates of Treasures

Rarity Percent to Retrieve as Treasure
Trap 0.01
Common 0.10
Uncommon 1.50
Rare 6.00
Epic 7.50
Legendary 5.00
Record 0.25



  • Roll: Reduces or Negates fall damage - Max Chance is 100%
  • Graceful Roll: Twice as effective as a normal Roll - Max Chance is 100%
  • Dodge: Reduce attack damage by half - Max Chance 20%


  • Catalysis: Increases potion brewing speed - Max Brewing speed increase is 4x
  • Concoctions: Brew Potions with more ingrediants - Max Rank is 8

Alchemy Potions

Potion Name Ingredient Unlock Level
Potion of Water Breathing Lily Pad 0
Potion of Haste Carrot 125
Potion of Dullness Slimeball 125
Potion of Absorption Nether Quartz 250
Potion of Leaping Rabbit Foot 250
Potion of Health Apple 375
Potion of Hunger Rotten Flesh 375
Potion of Nausea Brown Mushroom 500
Potion of Blindness Inc Sack 500
Potion of Saturation Fern 625
Potion of Decay Poisonous Potato 750
Potion of Resistance Golden Apple 875


  • Repair: Repair Tools & Armor
  • Repair Mastery: Increased repair amount - Max of Extra 200% durability restored
  • Super Repair: Double effectiveness - Nax Chance is 100%
  • Diamond Repair (50+ SKILL): Repair Diamond Tools & Armor
  • Arcane Forging: Repair magic items - Max Rank is 8

Smelting (Child of Mining & Repair)

  • Fuel Efficiency: Increase the burn time of fuel used in furnaces when smelting - Max Multiplier is 4.86x
  • Second Smelt: Double the resources gained from smelting - Max Chance is 100%
  • Vanilla XP Boost: Increase vanilla XP gained while smelting - Max Multiplier is 5x
  • Flux Mining: Chance for ores to be instantly smelted while mining - Max Chance is 33%

Salvage (Child of Fishing & Repair)

  • Advanced Salvage: Salvage damaged items - Max yield 100% item destroyed
  • Arcane Salvaging: Extract enchantments from items - Max Rank is 8
    • Max Full-Enchant Chance is 32.50%
    • Max Partial-Enchant Chance is 17.50%