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Introducing CosmicPvP Mask's, enhance your helmet with a visual upgrade and a pvp enhancement.

General information

  • To apply a mask you simply left click the mask onto your helmet when it is in your inventory.
  • To remove a mask off your helmet you right click your helmet while it is in your inventory.

The Headless Mask

The first mask

  • Trick or Treat! Deck out your set and get in the spirit of something truly evil!
  • Note:This mask is purely visual.

Headless Mask.png

The Purge Mask

  • Cosmic's first mask that has a bit of an edge boasting an outgoing damage buff of 2.5%! Get a hold of this bad boy while you can!
  • damage buff of 2.5%
Purge Mask.png

Pumpkin Monster Mask

  • Snuggle up to something terrifying! This mask is limited edition and a rare drop from Trick or Treaters!
  • Note:This mask is purely visual.

Pumpkin Mask.png

The ScareCrow Mask

  • Never an empty belly! Available through the November /cc players can look forward to never losing hunger while being constantly satisfied in the new Scarecrow Mask!
  • Never lose hunger
ScareCrow mask.png

The Ghost Mask

  • Note:This mask is purely visual.
Ghost Mask.png

The Turkey Mask

  • Don't be a Chicken! When you can be a turkey and possibly get away ;)! It is Thanksgiving after all. Available in the Thanksgiving /cc as well as from the Thanksgiving Turkeys!
  • +2% Dodge
Turkey Mask.png

The Pilgrim Mask

  • What better way to conquer and pillage, by becoming a pilgrim with this amazing mask! Available in the Thanksgiving /cc as well as from the Thanksgiving Turkeys!
  • +25% XP/Drops
Pilgrim Mask.png

The Monopoly Mask

  • Available in the Lucky /vkit, you better get ready to pass GO and collect BIG with this mask! This will take you to the top of the factions game!
  • 33% Holy white Scroll negation
  • -5% ENEMY DMG
Monopoly Mask.png

The Necromancer Mask

  • Immune to Lifesteal

The Zeus Mask

  • Immune to Natures Wrath
Zeus Mask.png

The Spectral Mask

  • Zombie Auto-Disguise at y>200 (in combat)
Spectral Mask.png

The Santa Mask

  • +2 Max Hearts
Santa Mask.png

The Rift Mask

  • 50% Mastery Enchant Negation
Rift Mask.png

The Reindeer Mask

  • Speed 4
  • Flight regardless of rank
Reindeer Mask.png

The Party Hat Mask

  • 4% DMG
  • -5% Enemy DMG
Party Hat.png

The Beanie Mask

  • Purely Cosmetic to show off the lootbox god himself
Beanie .png

The Bunny Mask

  • 1.65% Mobs from Spwaners in Chunk
Bunny Mask.png

The Death Knight Mask

  • 50% chance to negate enemy's Phoenice
  • +2.5% DMG
Death Knight Mask.png

The Dragon Mask

  • +5% DMG
  • Immune to Fire and Lava damage
Dragon Mask.png

The Glitch Mask

  • Immune to Teleblock, Bidirectional Teleportaion
Glitch Mask.png

The Joker Mask

  • +4s Combat Tags on Enemy Players
  • -3s Combat Tag on you
Joker Mask.png

The Lover Mask

  • Immune to Mortal Coil
Lover mask.png

Dungeon Mask

  • 10% change to not use a /dungeon key
Dungeon Mask.png