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Heroic enchant.png
First appearance: November 22, 2017
Type: Heroic

Heroic Enchantments are the highest enchantment tier available to players currently. They are extremely hard to get hold of, as well as being very sought after. They are the first enchantment that has a pre-requisite of needing the original Legendary enchantment to be on the item first before applying the heroic enchantment. Heroic enchantments were officially released December 8th 2017 during the CosmicPVP Dungeons update.

Heroic Enchants

Name Tier Applies to Max Level Description Image
Godly Overload Heroic
All Armor
A very large permanent increase in hearts. Requires Overload III enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. Overload.png
Master Inquisitive Heroic
Massively increases EXP drops from mobs. Requires Inquisitive IV enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. Inquisitive.png
Planetary Deathbringer Heroic
All Armor
An increased chance to deal 2.5x damage. Requires Deathbringer III enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. Deathly.png
Divine Enlighted Heroic
All Armor
High chance of healing lots of HP while taking damage. Requires Enlighted III enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. Divine.png
Master Blacksmith Heroic
Heals your most damaged piece of armor by 2-3 durability whenever you hit a player, but maintains your outgoing damage at 75%-100% Requires Blacksmith V enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. No picture
Vengeful Diminish Heroic
Ensures that the next strike against you only deals 50% of the damage inflicted and any extra above that will be returned to the attacker. Requires Diminish VI enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. No picture
Lethal Sniper Heroic
Increased headshot chance and multiplied damage up to 4.5x. Requires Sniper V enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. No picture
Atomic Detonate Heroic
Summons up to a 7x7x7 explosion around any blocks you break. Requires Detonate IX enchant on item to apply. Cannot be black-scrolled. No picture
Alien Implants Heroic
Automatically heal 2x the HP of normal Implants at 2x the rate, and at max level all hunger loss is disabled. Requires Implants III. Must be heroic-Blackscrolled Alien Implants.png
Ethereal Dodge Heroic
Increased proc rate over normal Dodge, with a small chance to gain Speed V for a few seconds on successful dodge. All fall damage is disabled. Requires Dodge V. Must be heroic-Blackscrolled Ethereal Dodge.png
Paladin Armored Heroic
All Armor
The first stackable heroic enchantment. Negates 150% more enemy sword damage than normal Armored per level. A chance to be Blessed every time you are struck by an enemy sword. Requires Armoed IV. Must be heroic-Blackscrolled Paladin Armored.png
Demonic Lifesteal Heroic
Heals much more HP at a greatly increased rate compared to normal Lifesteal. Requires Lifesteal V. Must be heroic-Blackscrolled Demonic Lifesteal.png
Infinite Luck Heroic
Negates incoming Specialty Armor Set Bonuses depending on enchantment level.

Level 1 - Ranger, Yeti (including bonuses from the Ranger bow)
Level 2 - Supreme
Level 3 - Phantom
Level 4 - Mother of Yijki (including the Revenge of Yijki passive ability)
Level 5 - Dimensional Traveler (including the passive Traveler ability)‚Äč

Mighty Cleave Heroic
Has an damage increased radius and increased damage. Requires Cleave 7
Deep Bleed Heroic
inflicting more damage, and boosting your allies sporting blood lust even more. Requires Bleed 6

Obtaining Heroic Enchantments

Currently, Heroic Enchantments are only available from

Please note: There is no guarantee that either the Cosmic Crate nor the Dungeon Lootbag will hold a Heroic Enchantment book

Some useful information

Please find some information which may aid you in the use of Heroic Enchantments

  • Once on a piece of gear, it cannot be blackscrolled off (Unless applied with a Heroic BlackScroll)
  • There is currently no dust available to boost the book up to increase the success rate
  • There is no way to use scrolls to change the success/destroy rate of the book
  • You MUST have the Legendary version of the Enchantment before applying the Heroic Enchantment (i.e, you need Overload III on your armor before applying Godly Overload I, II or III)