Fallen Heroes

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Fallen Heroes are a Last Man Standing type server-wide World Event where you battle to the end for amazing /gkit gear and a chance to unlock access to a /gkit permanently!

Price and Chance

Fallen Heroes cost 20% of the price of the original /gkits on the CosmicPvP server store.
With this price reduction, Fallen heroes only offer a CHANCE to unlock and obtain the /gkit itself.

When fighting a Fallen Hero however, you are guaranteed to get a set of the gkit armor if you do not get the gem.
Each Fallen Hero possesses a 20% chance to drop the gem.
(You aren't guaranteed a gkit gem even if you do 5 fallen heroes. The mathematical chance of getting one gem each time is 20% chance. Doing 5 would still only give you a 20% chance as the chances are same per fallen hero and do not get combined)

Placing Fallen Heroes

Fallen Heroes can ONLY be placed in WARZONES. This means a Fallen Hero will NOT spawn outside of spawn, warps, etc.

To place the fallen hero, right click the bone onto the ground in warzone.
It will announce to those nearby your intent to complete the challenge and summon the guardian.



Your prize is dropped from the Guardian himself, a physical item, capable of being sold in game, traded with other players, or stashed in a PV for later use!