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Each faction's total worth is represented on that planet's Faction Top (/f top). This value is calculated from the faction's quantity and value of Faction Upgrades and the spawner value within the faction claims. Faction Ftop competition is also reflected on stats.cosmicpvp.com

Faction Top Hover Information

As with many CosmicPvP features, /f top contains more than just a running tally of current faction value. After executing /f top players can hover over each faction name to view information about the faction.

Faction Wealth

The total value of the faction combing Faction Upgrades and spawner value.

Member Wealth

The total combined balances of all members in the faction. This value is NOT represented in the /f top value and placement.

Spawner Value

The combined value of all spawners within the faction's claims.

Mob Spawners

The quantity of spawners reflected in the Spawner Value listed above.

Faction Upgrades

The value of all purchased Faction Upgrades.


The number of times a faction has successfully won KOTH

Richest Member

The member of the faction with the current highest value.