Faction Roles

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Faction roles give leaders and coleaders ability to grant and remove certain perms from players in their faction. This means that they can protect themselves from potential issues.

Note: We've also made it so that members without access to something CANNOT grant those permissions to another member.
For Example:

If co-leaders can not unclaim all, they can not permit a mod to unclaim all.​


Faction Roles Gif.gif

So what perms can I allocate?

  • Faction Relationships have been separated to allow more control in faction member interaction
    • Enemy
    • Neutral
    • Truce
    • Ally
    • Alt​
  • Faction TNT
    • Deposit TNT
    • Withdraw TNT
  • Faction Chest
    • Deposit Items
    • Withdraw Items
  • Faction Member Management
    • Invite Members
    • Kick Members
    • Ban Members
    • Unban Members
    • Promote Members
    • Demote Members
  • Faction Banners
    • Set Faction Banner
    • Place Faction Banner​
  • Faction Bank
    • Deposit Money
    • Withdraw Money
  • Faction Warps
    • Set Faction Home
    • Set Faction Warps
    • Remove Faction Warp
    • Set Ally Warp
    • Remove Ally Warp​
  • Faction Permissions
    • Edit Faction Permissions
    • Edit Faction Roles
    • Access Players
    • Access Factions​
  • Set Faction Open
  • Unclaim All Faction Land
  • Disband Faction
  • Set Faction MOTD
  • Set Faction Announcement
  • Set Faction Member Titles
  • TP Allies
  • Set Faction Name