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On Cosmic the factions plugin allows for players to create a faction and claim land. Contrary to other Faction servers, Cosmic has 20 base power instead of the standard 10. Faction power is the amount of land claims a faction can have and is dependent upon the amount of players in the faction. To start out each player has 10 out of 20 power which will increase over time. Faction power can be viewed in the /f show menu next to land and max power.

Gaining Power

Power regenerates over time as long as the player is online. Power can be gained through:
  • Staying online (Until max player power of 20 is achieved)
  • Buying the Faction Power Booster Upgrade
  • Inviting Members to your Faction

Losing Power

Power can be lost in various different ways. Some of the ways include:
  • Player leaves your faction
  • Player in your faction dies outside of warzone
  • Player in your faction gets kicked for inactivity (Kicked on the 31st day of not logging in)

The Importance of Power

Power is important because it determines how much land a faction can claim and if it can hold the land. If the factions power is below the factions land count they can be overclaimed. Power is used to:
  • Claim Land
  • Prevent others from overclaiming your land
  • Provide insurance from losing claims