Faction Logs

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Faction logs provide factions with a categorized audit relating directly to faction interactions.

Faction Log Commands and Aliases

  • /f audit
  • /f log
  • /f logs
  • /logs
  • /audit​

Log Categories

Roster Edits:

Lists players who have joined the faction, left the faction, were invited and those who were kicked from the faction.

Player Bans:

Lists players who have been /f ban'd or /f unban'd

Claim Edits:

Shows players who have claimed or unclaimed and the relative location of those claims

Default Perm Edits:

Shows changes to faction and player permissions for default permissions only

Chunk Perm Edits:

Shows the changes to faction and player permissions for a specific chunk and that chunk location

Chunk Access Edits:

Shows changes to factions and players who have been added or removed with the /f access command

Spawner Edits:

Shows changes of spawner placement and spawner mining/breaking in claimed land

/f money Edits:

Shows changes to the faction bank

Relation Edits:

Shows relationship changes between your faction and another faction

/f tag Edits:

Shows changes to your faction name and by who

/f desc Edits:

Shows changes to your faction description and by who

/sell Edits:

Shows who/what a faction member sold with /sell (hand/all)

Faction Ranking Edits:

Shows changes given to faction members regarding their faction rank (Recruit/Member/Mod/Co-Leader/Owner)