Enchantment Orbs

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Enchantment Orbs are extremely rare and will take your God set to a whole new level! Enchantment orbs can be applied to armor/weapons and will increase the amount of enchants you can apply on that item by 1-2, up to a maximum of 12 enchantment slots if you're a top tier rank.

Types of enchantment orbs

There are two different types of Enchantment Orbs:
Weapon Enchantment Orbs: Increases the amount of apply-able enchants on weapons.
Armor Enchantment Orbs: Increases the amount of apply-able enchants on armor.

Useful Information

Here is some important information to remember regarding Enchantment Orbs:
Enchantment orbs come in 3 different tiers: 10 Lore, 11 Lore, and 12 Lore; each adding a lore corresponding to its type.
You DO NOT need to apply each orb in order. For example, you can instantly add a 12 Lore enchantment orb to an item.
Enchantment orbs come in random percentages. Success in applying is not always guaranteed.
Enchantment orbs include a success rate however they do not have a destroy rate. This means that there is no risk of losing your item when applying an enchantment orb.

Obtaining Enchantment Orbs

Here are some ways you can obtain Enchantment Orbs: