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You've been asking for it and now it's here!

Ever feel the need to show off a little bit? Maybe you wanna just Default Dance on your enemies? Now you can!

Emote Basics

Emotes Released On: 8/23/2019

Emote How To

To use emotes follow these steps:

  1. Be on Cosmic Client you can download it Here.
  2. Press V on your keyboard to access your Emote Wheel and select an Emote.
  3. Remember Emotes you have not unlocked yet will be in Red
  4. Remember to switch to third-person view (press F5) to see how beautiful you are in all your emoting glory!

Default Dance

Available to all Cosmic Client V2 users! (Make sure to download the lastest version from CosmicClient.com)
Default Dance.gif

Take The L

This emote is exclusively a guaranteed item in the Back to School 2019 /cc!
Take the L.gif


This emote will be available directly on the Cosmic store located here!



This emote will be available directly on the Cosmic store located here!


Turn your planet into a club with this special Jackpot item! This emote will be few and far between as you can only currently get this from the Jackpot section of End of Summer Lootbox!


Guaranteed with every Lootbox on the weekend of August 30, 2019. You will get this brain burning emote! This emote will also be available directly on the Cosmic store located here!!

Orange Justice

Whose ready to style all over the galaxy? This amazing new dance is currently only obtainable in the Teachers Pet Lootbox!
Orange Justice emote.gif

Electro Shuffle

Get ready to show off your fancy feet with the fanciest emote in the Galaxy! This new dance is currently only obtainable in the Spooky Season Lootbox!
Electro shuffle.gif


Heads will literally be turning when you bust out this celebration emote! Get ready to flex on those haters after you kill them in the warzone! A guaranteed Admin item in the Halloween 2019 /cc!


Its a Jiggly Wiggly week as this amazing dance hits the warzone!
Boneless Emote.gif


Mashed Potatos? Check! Turkey? Check! Stuffing? Check! I wonder if I have room for some pumpkin pie? Your belly will be so big you will need to unbutton your pants!​


It's the holidays and sometimes you just want to get up and DANCE!
Jig Emote.gif

Star Power

An EXCLUSIVE emote to Intersteller rank, that you can only get if you're the best of the best! Star Power.gif