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Enchantment dust is used to increase the rates of enchantment books.
Contrary to popular belief, enchantment dust hasn't always been available on CosmicPvP. It was first introduced September 26th 2015 and revolutionized the way that custom gear was created.

Enchantment Dust Tiers

Enchantment dust comes in the same tiers as that of the current enchantment books, except heroic.

  • Simple (white)
  • Unique (green)
  • Elite (blue)
  • Ultimate (yellow)
  • Legendary (orange)
  • Soul (red)

Types of Magic Dust

When you open secret dust, there is a chance of 1 of 3 different types of Magic Dust being given

  • Mystery Dust. This is a failed bi-product of secret dust which provides no use other than to craft into TNT when combined with sand.
  • Magic Dust. You have a chance to receive 1 - 9% of the same tier secret dust (i.e, if you have Elite Secret Dust, you'll get a chance to obtain Elite Magic Dust)
  • Primal Dust. This is a rare dust which, when discovered, can give you from 10 - 30% of the same tier secret dust.

Obtaining Enchantment Dust

There are several ways in which Enchantment Dust can be found

  • Through the Tinkerer menu - exchange your unwanted books for a chance to get the corresponding tier of secret dust
  • Some Gkits come with a chance to get secret dust
  • The /kit heroic roll comes with 10 secret dust of Elite level or higher
  • Soul Demons from the Cosmonaut Outpost have a chance of dropping Soul Secret Dust
  • Envoys
  • Space chests

Using Enchantment Dust

There are two ways to use Magic Dust

  • Apply to books to increase the success rate
  • Add two same tier Magic dust into the Alchemist, along with some XP, to gain the next tiered dust. You cannot combine two legendary pieces of dust to get soul dust.

Some important information

The following may help when looking into using Enchantment Dust

  • There is no enchantment dust for Heroic Enchants
  • It is not guaranteed that you will receive Magic dust or Primal Dust.
  • You cannot use soul books in the tinkerer to get soul secret dust.
  • You cannot use legendary/soul dust in the alchemist to make soul/heroic secret dust respectively.
  • The tier of secret dust depends on what tier of book you put into the tinkerer.
  • You will only get the same tier of magic/primal dust as the tier of secret dust you open.