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Cosmic Trinkets are items that make life easier! Some of these items have a cost others do not.

Stun Creepers

Stun creepers are creeper eggs with a twist.

Stun Creeper.png

Basic Information

  • These lovely creepers ignite immediately when placed and will freeze ALL players within a 6x6 radius around the blast for 4 seconds!
  • Cool Down: 30 second cooldown for any players affected by the blast.

Soul Cost

  • This Item does not require souls.

Speed Trinket

Gotta go fast! This trinket grants you speed IV for 7 seconds at a cost.

Speed Trinket.png

Basic Information

  • With a quick click, this trinket will consume 100 souls in return for 7 seconds of Speed IV. Make sure you use this wisely as there is a 90 second cooldown after each use.​
  • Cool Down: 90 secoond cooldown per use.

Soul Cost

  • 100 souls per use.

Soul Pearl

1 pearl to solve all your pearling needs!


Basic Information

  • A rare /dungeon trinket that functions like a normal enderpearl, but costs souls instead of being consumed on use.
  • Cool Down: Soul pearl follows the normal pearl cool down and is lessed by the /f upgrade for pearl cooldown.

Soul Cost

  • 5 souls per pearl.

Soul Anvil

Need a quick boost to your durability? This is for you.


Basic Information

  • A powerful /dungeon trinket that heals durability of all equipped armor on right-click by 10% in exchange for souls. 60s cooldown.

  • Cool Down: 30 second cooldown between uses.

Soul Cost

  • 100 Souls per use

Pheonix Feather

  • Might Need a second chance? Then bring this with you just in case!
Pheonix Feather.png

Basic Information

  • A consumable that give you another chance at Love? Well maybe not love, but this will give you another life on the battlefield! This limited item can only be found in this weeks lootbox! Don't miss out on this potential lifesaver!
  • This item is a 1 time use and will be consumed upon usage.
  • Cool Down: This item has no cooldown but checks for your Phoenix 3 enchant and if it is on cooldown.

Soul Cost

  • This Item Does Not Require Souls.

Fat Bucket

Tired of carrying an inventory of buckets? Now you have 256 Lava sources in 1 item slot!

Fat Bucket.png

Basic Information

  • A base-builders dream tool. One bucket that allows enough sources to fill an entire regen on its own!
  • Cool Down: This item has no cool down but does have a few requirements.


  • Fat Buckets can only be filled in the nether
  • Fat Buckets can not be refilled unless they are completely empty.
  • Must have atleast 64 uses before it can be used on first fill.

Soul Cost

  • This Item Does Not Require Souls.

EMP Pulse

Its so annoying having those pesky people flying above you, Lets change that.


Basic Information

  • Are you tired of those pesky pearl blockers just hovering overhead? Well now its time to bring them to the ground! This trinket will send a pulse that will affect ALL players (including allie/truces) within the users radius except the person holding it! Time to fight it out on the ground!
  • Cool Down: 300 seconds between uses.
  • Radius: 7 x 128 x 7

Soul Cost

  • 300 souls per use.

Battle Staff of Yijiki

The Yijiki Armor Set Ability Is Now In Your Hands!

BattleStaff of Yijiki.png

Basic Information

  • Now you hold the power of Revenge of Yijki no matter what set you prefer to battle in! With just a portion of souls you can now strike fear into your enemies even without wearing the Mother of Yijki set! Not just once, but every 2 minutes!​
  • Cool Down: 120 seconds between uses.

Soul Cost

  • 375 souls per use.

Haunted Tombstone

Conflict your own punishment with this tool of destruction!

Haunted Tombstone.png

Basic Information

  • What better way to celebrate such a scary day than with a trinket that consumes souls to rain down Tombstones onto your foes? Enemies that are hit by those Tombstones are then frozen and silenced while you conflict your own punishment!
  • Cool Down: 180 seconds between uses.
  • Radius: 16 x 16 x 16

Soul Cost

  • 500 souls per use.