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Valentine 2018.png
Crate Name: Valentine 2018

Offering only the best of the best Cosmic Crates are monthly themed crates released EVERY MONTH!


Cosmic Crates have been around since 2015, in fact, the first Cosmic Crate was the December 2015 crate which included the following:

December 2015.png

By today's standards, this crate is not the best of the best, however, over the months the crates have been upgraded and changed according to the current month's theme and updates.

You are guaranteed 10 Items from the CC, some of which being cosmetic items, admin items, treasure items, and one bonus item.

Mystery CC

The Mystery CC is a limited run item accessible from the Server Store, there have been 2 renditions of the Mystery cc which include:

  • The Mystery CC
  • Heroic Mystery CC