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Logo HR.png
Announcement Date: March 9, 2018
Opening Date: March 23th, 2018
Development Team: Compilex

"A brand new experience featuring Three week maps, Fifteen player teams, Three daily koths (End, Nether, and East), Weekly Stronghold event, Loot Crate, No-OP Kits, Treasure Drop, and more...."

Cosmic HCF Was Announced on March 8th, 2018 and released on March 23rd, 2018 as an open Beta.

Basics of HCF

HCF is a form of factions play that is dramatically different than raid factions.

  • You do NOT need walls
  • You do NOT need to run buffers
  • You claim by block
  • TNT does NOT work nor can it be crafted
  • Creepers do NOT blow up
  • Your power is actually determined by your DTR (Deaths until Raidable)
  • You raid by dropping another team's DTR below zero
  • No /warp all transportation is via running

QoL Commands

Commands you may find useful in and around HCF:

  • /help - interactive help menu explaining most aspects of CosmicHCF
  • /spawnmenu - allows you (only from within spawn) to tp to one of the quadrants (mob pit/shop etc)
  • /elite, /ultimate, /legendary, /koth loot - allows you to preview the loot of those crates
  • /block list - lists all all players you have /block'd
  • /block <player> - similar to ignore this command blocks all interactions from the player you block
  • /block clear - unblocks all players on your block list
  • /blockf <faction> - blocks all players in the specified faction
  • /request - to alert staff // ask question
  • /toggledeathmessage(s) - Removes death messages in chat
  • /togglediamond or /diamonds - removes diamon notifications in chat
  • /cobble - disables picking up cobble
  • /togglemsg - blocks all incoming private messages
  • [item] - usable only by ranked players, displays item currently in hand
  • [brag] - usable only by ranked players, displays armor and items in inventory
  • /f global - disables global chat for you only, however staff, faction, and ally chat will still be visible
  • /km - to toggle which killmessage you would like to use (from unlocked ones)
  • /kill top, /kills, /kills top - Displays Kills / Deaths / KDR of top 15 players on the server
  • /chatfilter - Toggles the chat filter
  • /outpost - displays outposts coords and hovering over the Outpost names displays their different buffs
  • /coords - displays coords to all Koths // Stronghold // Glowstone Mountain
  • /koth - operates like coords
  • /koth <koth name> - gives specific information about the koth specified
  • /title - Equip or Remove titles that you have unlocked
  • /kit - Displays rank kits - preview them using right click
  • /f <t, focus, target, fo> <player> - changes nametag of selected player and displays arrow above their head
  • /f unfocus - remove an active /f focus on a player
  • While in /f c f (faction chat) can use ! before a word and it will display in global chat
  • While in /f c f (faction chat) can use @ before a word and it will display in ally chat
  • While in /f c f (faction chat) can use ^ before a word and it will display in Mod chat
  • /lives - displays how many lives you have
  • /lives send <player> <lives> - sends lives to a player
  • /f map auto - dynamically updates showing you pillars of glass in each corner of the claim to display their claimed land as you near them
  • /togglepay - players wont be able to spam you with money
  • /f status - displays players in your faction (green for online, red for offline), their balance, their recent login time, and whether or not they have 2fa active on the server.
  • /challenges - displays daily challenges for players to complete (players can complete only 1 challenge per day)
  • /lag - displays server uptime, tps and your ping
  • /f top - provides a list of the factions with the greatest number of faction points
  • /trophy or /trophies - provides you a count of your current trophies and the qty of points they generate per hour
  • /trophy <faction name> or /trophies <faction name> - gives you another faction/teams trophy count and the qty of points THEY are generating per hour.

In Game Mechanics