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CosmicPvP Conquests

Initial Release: May 4th, 2017
Development Team: Compilex
Commands: All
Frequency: 4x per day

Cosmic Conquests are randomly spawned chests across the planet that include a variety of OP loot!

Cosmic Conquests offer a unique "Easter Egg hunt" styled experience for players to attend to.


Cosmic Conquests occur 4 times a day randomly in the wilderness. When the conquest is announced in chat, players will have a five minute warning with coordinates posted in chat to locate the chest and prepare themselves for the conquest. The warning and the coordinates will announce in chat every minute until the event has ended.

Locations where the conquests WILL spawn are:
  • Any area of wilderness in the OVERWORLD
Locations where the conquests WILL NOT spawn are:
  • Warzone claimed land
  • Faction claimed land
  • The Nether
  • The End
  • Battlefield
  • Outposts
  • KOTH
  • Dungeons
Warzone claims around the Conquest points will be unclaimed 5 minutes after completion of the event.


The objective of CosmicPvP Conquests is to battle it out against other players and bosses to get your hands on the loot filled chest!

Objectives of conquests include:
  • The Race to break the chest and gain the loot
  • Kill all the bosses to obtain space chests
  • Battle other factions that contest the conquest
The Conquest chest possesses 150 HP, and contains rare loot, as well as a way to obtain great amounts of faction crystals.
You can find more information on faction crystals here
You can find a variety of information on the Conquest Bosses here


You can get exceedingly rare loot from conquest chests and conquest bosses. Ranging from space chests all the way to gkits,

The loot of the conquest chests include but are not limited to:
  • Spawners
  • Gkit Gear
  • Gkits
  • Boss Eggs
  • White Scrolls
  • Black Scrolls
  • Transmog Scrolls
  • Item Nametags
  • Enchantment books
  • XP Bottles
  • Depthstrider Books
  • Faction crystals
  • Money Notes
  • Rank Quests
The loot of the conquest bosses include:
  • Ultimate Space Chests
  • Legendary Space Chests
Space chests vary depending on different bosses, see bosses to check the loot they drop

Commands and Info

All commands are enabled at conquests as they appear around the world.

To check when the last conquest occurred, players ranked Tier 4+ can execute the /conquest command.
Some things to remember while at conquest include:
  • Conquest CAN be claimed around, however a warzone claim surrounds the chest in a 3x3
  • Players are unable to cobble monster the conquest location (Like literally, its physically impossible)
  • Conquest Bosses hurt, so be sure to wear some decent gear!
  • Watch out for faction derps that surround the location. You don't want to be shot by the marksman boss into one of those!
Conquests supply a unique PvP and PvE experience with amazing loot, fierce battles, and faction strategy, to be victorious and capture the chest.