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The CosmicPvP Captcha is a completely custom coded plugin created to assist staff and players in maintaining a fair playing experience by assisting in mitigating afk aura, afk auto clicker, and auto selling.

Captcha While Grinding/Selling

When grinding or /sell'ing, at random times, the player will be prompted with a visual GUI that looks like an enderchest.

Once the Captcha is open, here are a few things to note:
  • In the title of the enderchest, you will be prompted to click on one specific item out of the assortment of items in the window.
  • If the window closes, you can simply click to reopen it.
  • You only have a few seconds to click the correct item that it asks for.
  • If time runs out, you are automatically kicked to the Hacker Hub, and a notification is sent to staff.
  • If or when you reenter the server, you will have to complete the challenge to swing your sword, eat, talk, or execute commands.

Hacker Hub

Hacker Hub is a location where players are kicked to if they fail to complete the Captcha within the time limit.

Once kicked to the Hacker Hub, here are some things to take note of:
  • Once kicked to the Hacker Hub, staff will determine if the player is hacking using methods such as tping, spawning mobs, etc.
  • When kicked to the Hacker Hub, it DOES NOT mean you will automatically be banned.
  • If you find that you were kicked to the Hacker Hub by accident, please return to your planet.
  • Hanging around in the Hacker Hub will subject you to a possible kick.

NOTE: Hacking is punishable by permanent ban. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned. No exceptions.