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Implementation: 24th August 2015

A faction's base is intended to be the main center of operation. From being able to store valuables, to having grinders to make you money passively, to providing somewhere to grind XP. All in a safe environment.

Buffers are chunks which are protecting a factions base. Within those chunks, you are able to build defenses to protect your base and everything inside. If you don't have defenses, then you are leaving yourselves open to enemy factions being able to raid you, and claiming those spoils as their own!

Remember, no defenses are unraidable. Being active and checking your base for potential intrusions often is the only real way to keep people out!


Buffer Limits were introduced 24th August 2015¹ after a community poll favoured the introduction of them with 53.2% of who voted being in agreement (320 v 282 votes). Initially, there was only a 2 chunk buffer of wilderness required at the edge of the claimed chunks.

A further poll was created September 8th 2017² to decide whether or not the 2 chunks of wilderness would be better as 5 chunks. An overwhelming 67.8% of the community who voted (269 v 128 votes) agreed with this decision, and as of October 5th 2017 the rule was amended³.


  • You are able to have up to, and including, 20 chunks of buffer claims around your base (160 genned walls in each direction, as an example)
  • The buffer chunks are measured from the exterior wall of the base itself, regardless of who owns the main base claims.
  • After those 20 chunks, there must be a MINIMUM 5 chunks of wilderness.
  • The wilderness chunks CAN be used to raid from.
  • You are NOT allowed to bypass the wilderness claims by having another friends faction claiming them without the intention to raid from them (even if they are enemies/neutral).


  • If you are found to be breaking these rules, you may expect:
    • To be contacted by staff to correct the issue yourselves
    • If you do not correct the issue, admins may correct it themselves.
  • If you reclaim the area that has been found to be against the buffer chunk rules, you/your faction could face:
    • A warning
    • A ban
    • /f unclaim
    • /f disband


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