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Custom Enchant Books can be purchased from the Enchanter are used to apply Custom Enchants onto your gear, weapons and tools. Books have multiple aspects that should be taken into consideration before application.

Success and Destroy Rates

Each enchantment book will show a success and destroy rate.
When applying an Enchantment Book the Success rate is rolled first and determines the chance of that enchant successfully applying.
The destroy rate on an Enchantment Book is rolled second and is only applicable if the enchantment fails to apply. The destroy rate gives you the chance of the item being destroyed if it doesn't successfully apply.

Players wishing to protect an item from being destroyed may use a White Scroll to prevent an item from being destroyed, but only one time.

Book Tiers

Books are categorized by tier. Each tier represents the book's rarity and value.

  • Simple
  • Unique
  • Elite
  • Ultimate
  • Legendary
  • Soul
  • Heroic

Simple Books

Some of the easiest books to acquire, most of these enchants are simplistic in their execution and are meant for beginner play though some are included in some of the guides from more experienced players.
All of these books are usable at all Outposts and some are key to a "Trainee Godset". A list of Simple Enchantments can be found on the Custom Enchants page.

Unique Books

A step up from Simple Enchants, Unique Enchants are often used as the weight in a "Trainee Godset" at Outposts. All fo these books are usable at all Outposts. To view the list of Unique Enchants check out the Custom Enchants page.

Elite Books

Mid-rage Elite Books can harbour some valuable enchantments that tend to fall middle of the road. They are usable at Hero Outpost and above. For a complete list of Elite Enchants you can reference the Custom Enchants page.

Ultimate Books

Many Ultimate Books are highly coveted by members in the community. Many of these enchants are used in the creation of "Demi" and "God" sets in the Cosmic Galaxy. Ultimate Enchants are usable ONLY at Cosmonaut Outpost. For a complete list of Ultimate Enchants please reference the Custom Enchants page.

Legendary Books

Some of the best books in the game, Legendary Enchantment Books with a high success rate often will sell for a hefty price and are typically used in the creation of "Demi" and "God" sets. For a complete list of Legendary Enchants please reference the Custom Enchants page.

Soul Books

Soul Enchants are fueled by soul gems and are highly coveted and sought after. They often have OP effects that can dramatically affect how PvP interacts. These books are not available through the Enchanter and must be acquired through other means such as envoys, Space Chests, Vkits, KOTH, Weekly Heroic Rank Kit, Cosmic Crates and Dungeon Lootbags.

Heroic Books

Heroic Enchants are the most highly sought after and coveted enchants. These enchants can only be applied to items that already carry the max tier of their Legendary Enchant counterpart. These enchants are not able to acquired outside of special events and items such as Dungeons and specialty Cosmic Crates.