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<b>Are there derps?</b><br>
<b>Are there derps?</b><br>
<b>Do Holy Whitescrolls work at end?</b><br>

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The End Pic.jpeg

Built for PvP, The End's map is a custom built 20 x 20 chunk map with mainly flat terrain perfect for PvP. A location setup to offer the best to both worlds, items and drops to benefit BOTH PvP'ers AND your faction alike, this is a team environment.
Check out the trailer from The End's Release. (Released October 13, 2017)

NOTE: You MUST be on the Cosmic Client to enter access the end

If a player logs out on the CosmicClient in the /end and logs back in off the client they will NOT be able to inflict damage and will get kicked from the server until they re-enable their CosmicClient and with this week's update it's perfect timing!

The Objective

Get in, get the loot, dominate the streak and get out alive. The End sports 4 grinding areas in 2 different styles. But be warned! Once you enter the only way out is through the Exit Portal on the opposite side of the map.

  • High Risk, High Reward
  • Amplified XP with Streak Multiplier
  • OP Money Drops
  • Custom Creeper Eggs
  • Custom TNT
  • Faction Crystals
  • /gkit Gear
  • No Derps
  • No Soul Enchants
  • No Fly
  • No Obliterate
  • No Ragdoll
  • No Rocket Escape
  • Knockback limited to Lvl. 2​

Creeper Den

Located in opposite corners amidst the red netherbrick mountains is the Creeper Den where custom charged creepers spawn with a loot table of Creeper Eggs, Custom Creeper Eggs, Custom TNT, and Gunpowder. As well as the rare chance to obtain Raid Creeper spawn eggs, and The Vile Creeper and Raid Creeper Inventory Pets drop from these super charged minions.

Minion Platforms

Two platforms can be found in The End featuring custom Ender Monsters with a twist. Dropping a unique loot table (gkit gear, Faction Crystals, Money Notes that can be stacked but not deposited until you leave the End) these minions have an added perk, The Streak. Starting at 1000 XP each, the more you kill the more you get. Ender Monsters who appear as armored Wither Skeletons on these platforms provide a gift that keeps on getting better and better provided you don't die or leave! But have your team at the ready! Every 100 Ender Monster kills will guarantees you get a /gkit or /vkit bundle PLUS a Cosmic Swag Bag! You will also have a chance to snag the World Destroyer Inventory Pet from the end monsters.


At 25 kills a notification goes off in the End letting everyone know your location, and at 50, that announcement is global.

Dragon Event

Once /end is unlocked via the /fund a one time special Timeless Dragon will spawn with special drops including: Silverfish Spawners, Faction crystals, Faction Points, and more!

Timeless Dragon (2000 HP)

You can find this Mystical Creature hibernating at /Warp End. When you click the egg it will tell you if the boss is currently alive, when the boss will spawn next, and also the top damage dealers of the last boss.


  • The dragon is known to throw fireballs that cause immense damage and knockback.
  • The dragon will rain down TnT that will cause immense damage.
  • When the dragon lands on the ground get out of its way it will cause damage and throw you into the air.


  • Loot for this boss can be up to 6 Godly DPS ( max 2 per player ) This is also the first boss to drop loot where the boss is killed.

Loot consists of:

  • Reset Tool Kits
  • Boss Eggs ( excluding Timeless Dragon )
  • Fallen Heros
  • Heroic Enchantment Books
  • Equipment Lootboxes
  • Mystery - Heroic - Superior CCs
  • The coveted Dragon Slayer Armor pieces.

Dragon Slayer Armor Set:

  • +15% PvP damage
  • -20% incoming damage
  • Imune to freezes
  • Mastery Enchant Reflect X
  • Negate 75% of Enemy Silence
  • 25% Mastery Enchant Negation
  • Dragon Mask:
  * +5% damage and immune to fire and lava damage

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you die in the void?
Yes, if you are hit into the void you WILL die and your inventory will be dropped on your killer.

Are there custom enchants?
With some limitations, listed above, you can use up to Legendary Enchantments.

Can you log?
Yes, we can't stop you from logging out.

Can you /tp out?
You can only get out, even from the spawn platform, through the Exit Portal opposite the Entrance Portal.

Can you fly?

Can you enderpearl?
Yes, however you cannot enderpearl onto the robots in the center nor back at spawn.

Can you use "teleportation bows"
Not from a PvP Enabled to a PvP disabled area (ie: you can't teleport bow up to the spawn platform)

Does Shockwave work?
Currently, yes. It is a defensive enchant that we think will help those learning how to play The End.

Can you apply loot you have gained from the monsters?
You can apply XP. Money notes, can be stacked on top of one another but cannot be applied until you get out.

Is there a cooldown timer on the Exit Portal?
Yes, you must NOT be combat tagged and must stand in the portal for about 1 second to be tp'd out.

If I haven't jumped down from the /end spawn can I tp out?

Can you access /shop, /pv, /enderchest?
No. If you need more pots, more gear or the like you'll have to have one of your friends run it to you, or you will have to leave the end safely to resupply yourself.

Is there a safe zone?
The only "safe" location is the warp platform which you cannot tp out of. The only way out is through the Exit Portal.

Is it Wilderness?
The End is unclaimable Wilderness that will drop your power on death.

Does our power drop on death?
Yes. The same as if you were pvp'ing in the wilderness or at your base, your power will drop when you die.

Can we claim The End?

Are there derps?

Do Holy Whitescrolls work at end?