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TeamSpeak 3 is the communication platform used by the CosmicPvP community and staff, always available for support or just to hang around and talk with fellow cosmonauts.

Installing TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak 3 is available for download here

Download the correct version to comply with your computer operating system.

Connecting to the TeamSpeak

Connecting to the TeamSpeak is fairly easy. Once downloaded and open on your desktop, click the tab on the very top left of your TeamSpeak labeled Connections then select Connect.


In the connect window you will be prompted to input a server address, nickname, and server password.

The server addresses you can connect with are:
Be sure to input your current IGN as well as the planet you play inside the Nickname box.
NO server password is required.

Public Channels

The CosmicPvP TeamSpeak features community channels for staff and players to talk with each other.

The two public channels accessible by guests are:
  • New Traveller Lounge
  • Salt Box

Players in these channels must follow ALL of the TeamSpeak rules. Failure to comply may result in the Angry Minerman rank, which does not permit you to talk or join public channels.

Remember, breaking ANY of the CosmicPvP rules on ANY of the CosmicPvP platforms may result in punishment across all of the platforms.

Support Rooms

Support rooms allow players that have serious (nonstaff ban related) issues to gain access to staff help.

Staff Assistance Channels

The Staff Assistance needed channel is for players who have legitimate questions regarding the server, or issues that need immediate attending to.
Reasons to join the Staff assistance needed channel may include
  • Game Breaking Bugs
  • Lava source glitches
  • Server questions
Reasons to NOT join the Staff Assistance needed channel include:
  • Staff bans
  • Purchase helps
  • Bug reports (unless game breaking)
  • Ban reports
If your issue requires admin support, a staff member may place you into Admin Assist for you to wait in order to talk to an admin.

Shiva Ban Appeals

If you believe you were false banned by our anti-cheat known as SHIVA, you may join the Shiva Ban Appeal channel in order to appeal your ban.
SHIVA ban appeals are ONLY done through TeamSpeak and will not be tended to in any way via forums.
If you KNOW you were banned legitimately via SHIVA, do not appeal in the TeamSpeak. If you lie to the staff you may be subject to:
  • A Permanent ban instead of a 90 day one
  • IP Ban
  • Alt Ban
Please do not waste an admins time.

Frozen - in game

The Frozen - in-game channel is a channel for players who are currently frozen in game.
Reasons you might join the Frozen - in-game channel include:
  • Being frozen for a screen share
  • Being frozen after purchasing an unban
Please do not waste staff time if you are not frozen in game


The Cosmonaut rank allows trustworthy players to join a larger variety of channels and talk with other players of the community that have the Cosmonaut rank.

Cosmonaut is NOT just given, it is earned.
Ways that players obtain the Cosmonaut rank include:
  • Being trustworthy without staff present
  • Respected member of the TeamSpeak
  • Actively follows ALL the rules of CosmicPvP