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Throughout Cosmic's life, people have been banned for a "blacklisted mod". Now, what that is, is a mod that gives you an unfair advantage over other players, like a hacked client. With the help of a community member, we have created a list of the permitted and blacklisted mods on ComsicPvP. For players to have the ideal experience on CosmicPvP we always recommend using the CosmicClient which can be found here.

You can check out an overview of our entire rules here.

Allowed mods

Mod Description
Forge is a base mod. Meaning that its only function is to allow other mods to work. This is allowed as it gives you 0 advantages over other players.
Optifine is a mod that is mostly used for boosting FPS (Frames per second) so it is perfectly fine to use! It is also used for other things like connected textures, or a swaggy cape on your back! Oh, and it makes the chat look beautiful <3
Better Sprint is a mod that makes you able to press a button (and toggle) to sprint and is a very useful addition to PvP and just Minecraft in general. However, it is not banned because it is already sort of in default Minecraft. (You can just press the CRTL button).

This is also the same for toggle sneak. Which when you press a button, allows you to start sneaking without holding down the button.

Armor/Potion/Direction Status Hud
These include, but are not limited to mod packs such as:
Minimaps that do not show players, mobs, or caves are welcome. Examples include
All shaders do is make the world look more fabulous, making it an allowed mod on Cosmic.
Misc. Mods
Mods that will edit things like Font or Music are allowed as they don't give advantages over players.
World download, as the name suggests, downloads the current world you are in, which is useful for raiding! It's ok because this doesn't give you an advantage over other players
This mod allows you to display a hologram, loaded from a schematic file, for easier rebuilding. You can also save your creations to schematic files and share them. This is also useful for raiding!
This mod allows tools for cannoneers to better tweak their cannons. This is the ONLY cannon mod to date that we have found complies with rules of the server.
A custom MapWriter designed to assist in showing factions claims from the faction map.
A simple mod used to remove the spread of lighting to increase your fps in most situations.
If you have multitudes of accounts this mod lets you easily log into other accounts.
Displays when the last envoy happened. It shows the last envoy after it happened while you were on the server.
Tabby chat is a mod that cleans up the chat system in Minecraft. With features like being able to write lines and it'll send them as two messages! This gives you no sort of advantage over other players!
Damage Indicators is a mod that allows you to see your opponent's health and how much damage you do. This feature is already on Cosmic through plugins (you can see players' health below their IGN tag) so it's perfectly fine!
Changing gamma
Not a mod, but you can go into your Minecraft files and adjust your gamma to be able to see everything without torches or glowstone etc. This is also able to be done in 5zig. So this 100% safe (However there is not a formal

decision on the mod gamma right. And "Fullbright" is a hacked client addon so of course that's not allowed)


As always for the best player experience, we always recommend players to download and use CosmicClient which can be downloaded here.

Unacceptable mods we are frequently asked about:

Mod Description
Hacked clients
Hacked clients such as Resilience, Huzuni, and many others are strictly forbidden on CosmicPvP as they alter your game entirely to an extent. Like every blacklisted mod, you will be permanently banned using any of these.
More Particles Mod
Tends to double-click which in some cases could lead to a ban.
Has a means to negatively impact other players.
BetterPvP gives you tools such as fast eat, which are not allowed on Cosmic, as it gives an advantage.
Macros allow you to press a key and it will execute a command, such as clicking P and you will do /eat (Or feed). This is banned because it is not fair to other players as they will still have to eat. And Auto-clickers are obvious on what they do,

by clicking itself and you not having to do anything, and be lazy. And for all those banned, for this reason, saying "I put a paperweight/something on my spacebar" does not work in an appeal.As a note, using "ESC + space" to constantly jump in the air is not permitted and

will be taken as macros.

X-ray texture packs
X-ray texture packs, or texture packs that lets you find caves are not allowed, as it is the same as using X-ray on a hacked client. Thus, it is banned.
Misc. Mods
Name tag mods, self-explanatory, you can see name tags clearly from a distance. This is not allowed and any that give you an advantage over players that would be unfair.
Schematica (Printer)
Not allowed.
Particles Mod
Not allowed.This mod has a bug that will cause issues with players on multiple servers.
Optic Client / OCMC
This mod has been blacklisted and is not permitted for use on Cosmic.
Cheatbreaker is a customized mod created for another network that is meant to prevent cheating however due to the fact that screen sharing a player using this mod could result in their being banned

from another server/network (per the informational website on CheatBreaker) we have blacklisted this mod as screen sharing is done based on flags and concerns of the suspected player breaking rules. Being on this or any mod will not

prevent a player from being requested to screen share if there is a reason to suspect them of breaking the rules.

J3 Ultimate
J3 Ultimate is a blacklisted mod that allows the user advantage specifically with pvp, attacks, and basic physics.

Note: Unacceptable mods is not a complete list. This is a list that simply covers some of the most frequently asked about mods. ANY mod that gives you an advantage over other players would be considered blacklisted and should not be used.

These lists are subject to change at any time