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Outposts are a test of a factions ability to work together in a pvp environment sporting Passive Rewards, Crazy Team Fights, and Challenging Limitations

The Outpost is a permanently contestable Koth style pvp environment. Each of the four outposts has specific limitations that create a challenging and dynamic experience for players of all types. The goal is to capture the outpost in order to reap the benefits that come with holding the outpost. The outpost can be taken at anytime by any faction, yet a faction may only control one at a time. Make sure to keep your eye on the cap percentage! (Released October 13, 2016)

Having /f upgrade for outpost mastery allows you to capture the outpost faster and the more people on the cap the faster it will go. Be careful as once the outpost has been taken from another faction it will announce in chat that the outpost has been captured meaning enemy factions will likely try to come and steal your outpost so have good gear and numbers to fight them off.

A link to the Cosmic PvP Outposts trailer can be found here


There are 4 tiers of outposts:

  • Vanilla
  • Trainee
  • Hero
  • Cosmonaut


Cosmonaut Outpost

Release Date: October 13, 2016
Development Team: Compilex
Commands: Limited
Frequency: 24/7

The Cosmonaut Outpost is for the players who like custom enchant PVP but don't like the annoyance that soul enchants can cause.


The Cosmonaut Outpost is close to home for cosmic pvpers. This is the closest to warzone pvp that an Outpost gets.

  • No Soul Enchantments

Faction Buffs

  • 2x Vanilla XP
  • 2x mcMMO
  • 50% Soul Costs
  • Creeper Eggs only $175,000
  • Ability to use /warp end exit portal while in combat
  • 10% chance to negate Holy White Scrolls

Soul Demons

These mobs spawn at the Cosmonaut Outpost every 5 minutes and when killed they drop loot.

  • Ultimate Loot
  • Legendary Loot
  • Soul Books
  • Gkits
  • Ranks
  • Fallen Heroes
  • Drop Packages
  • Soul Gems
  • Soul Secret Dust
  • Spawners
  • Gkit Gear
  • MCmmO Vouchers

Sell Signs

  • Sugarcane: $350 per 64
  • Bones: $56 per 64
  • Feathers: $122.50 per 64
  • Diamonds: $2,800 per 16


Hero Outpost

Release Date: October 13, 2016
Development Team: Compilex
Commands: Limited
Frequency: 24/7

This Outpost is for the pvpers that like a good middle ground between the hardcore experience at Vanilla Outpost and the custom enchant PVP of Cosmonaut Outpost.


At this outpost players are going to notice that some of the enchants that they're used to using are restricted.

  • No Soul Enchantments
  • No Legendary Enchantments
  • No Ultimate Enchantments

Faction Buffs

  • 1.5x Vanilla XP
  • 1.5x mcMMO
  • +10% Book Success Rate
  • -25% Book Destroy Rate
  • No XP Exhaustion
  • 2x loot multiplier in /warp end
  • 2x faster /stronghold cap time​

Sell Signs

  • Sugarcane: $300 per stack
  • String: $180 per stack
  • Leather: $540 per stack
  • Enderpearl: $2,400 per 64
  • Emerald: $4,800 per 16


Trainee Outpost

Release Date: October 13, 2016
Development Team: Compilex
Commands: Limited
Frequency: 24/7

The Trainee Outpost mixes low tier custom enchants and intense pot PVP to give players one of the most challenging PVP environments Cosmic has to offer.


At this outpost, like Hero, the enchantments that you can use at this outpost are limited.

  • No Soul Enchantments
  • No Legendary Enchantments
  • No Ultimate Enchantments
  • No Elite Enchantments

Faction Buffs

  • 1.25x Vanilla XP
  • 1.25x mcMMO
  • 2x Mobs From Spawners
  • 25k /f money Every 5 Minutes
  • -35% Alchemist Cost
  • 25% bonus damage to players in heroic armor
  • All faction members get larger /f map​

Sell Signs

  • Sugarcane: $250 per stack
  • Cactus: $300 per stack
  • Spider Eye: $600 per stack
  • Blaze Rods: $2,300 per stack
  • Iron Ingots $3,200 per stack


Vanilla Outpost

Release Date: July 8, 2017
Development Team: Compilex
Commands: Limited
Frequency: 24/7

The Vanilla Outpost is arguably the most difficult outpost to capture, this is in part due to the raw skill and communication needed to be successful here.


A lot of the amenities players enjoy at the other outposts and throughout the Cosmoverse are nonexistent here. That's right, this outpost is designed to test a faction's communication, individual skill, and timing. This hardcore experience is like none other on Cosmic.

  • No mcMMO
  • No Golden Apples
  • No Custom Enchantments

Faction Buffs

  • 1.75x Vanilla XP
  • mcMMO
  • 1.5x Mobs from Spawners in your faction's claimed land
  • 200% Tinkerer XP Payout
  • +10% Black Scroll success rate when used by the controlling faction

Mobs And Their Loot

When captured Mobs will spawn to assault Vanilla Outpost. These mobs drop some interesting yet Vanilla geared loot.

Enchantment Books

  • Depth Strider
  • Looting 3-5 Looting drops as a Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Looting sword
  • Smite
  • Bane Of Arthropods
  • Luck Of The Sea
  • Lure
  • Aqua Affinity
  • Respiration


  • Regen 1 and 2 Drinkable, Splash and Extended
  • Fire Resistance Drinkable and Extended
  • Strength 2 Drinkable, Splash and Extended
  • Swiftness 2 Drinkable, Splash and Extended
  • Water Breathing Drinkable Extended

Sell Signs

  • Iron Blocks: $29,000 per stack
  • Diamond Blocks: $26,000 per 16
  • Emerald Blocks: $44,000 per 16
  • Gold Nuggets: $625 per stack
  • Cactus: $2,700 per inventory row
  • Sugarcane: $3,150 per inventory row

Commands You Are Limited To

  • /ptime
  • /block
  • /near
  • /feed
  • /fix
  • /heal
  • /workbench
  • /warp
  • /spawn
  • /f
  • /home
  • /lag
  • /bump
  • /kit
  • /gkit
  • /envoy
  • /xp
  • /seen
  • /trade
  • /withdraw
  • /bal
  • /stats
  • /inspect
  • /msg (and related private messaging commands)
  • /staff
  • /find
  • /help
  • /shop
  • /cf