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Mastery Kits

Got what it takes to Master the warzone? Mastery Kits are a whole new take on what a kit is on Cosmic featuring highly coveted enchantments that only work on /mkits these bad boys are sure to take your pvp game to a whole new level.

Mastery Kit exclusive enchants

Name Tier Kit Max Level Description
Mortal Coil Mastery Necromancer Mastery 5 This armor enchant procs on outgoing damage (you damaging another player) and causes players overload hearts to be reduced up to 6 for a duration of 5.8 seconds.
Soul Siphone Mastery Necromancer Mastery 4 Proc'ing on outgoing damage events this enchant siphons souls and durability from enemies in large quantities!
Rot and Decay Mastery Necromancer Mastery 10 The ultimate AOE Enchantment! On proc the ground surrounding you changes as your Rot and Decay festers upon your foes. Demons from below, Zombies, will rise up, and on impact deal durability damage all while an increasing and multiplying damage is applied to your enemies (within the area of effect) forcing them to evacuate or succumb!
Demonic Gateway Mastery Necromancer Mastery 6 Behold the power! Ender Crystals spawn surrounding you targeting all nearby foes! Devastating witherheads will be flung towards them delivering 1 of 3 possible outcomes on impact:
Trap - Forcing you for a moment to be completely grounded to one spot
Dealing damage pure and raw
Knocking your enemies back if they are too close to the crystals
Discombobulate Mastery Obtained via Lootbox 1 Spoofs your distance and hides your name on all enemy and neutral /near lookups
Explosive Expert Mastery Obtained via Lootbox 1 Allows Atomic Detonate to work on all block types for pickaxes, spades, and axes irregardless of the tool being used.
Feign Death Mastery Ghost Mastery 4 Chance to fake death and vanish for up to 6 seconds, or until you have damaged a player (levelx) times
Horrify Mastery Ghost Mastery 4 Chance to inflict enemies within a 32x32 radius with 'Horro', confusing them and enabling friendly fire for up to 4 seconds.
Mark Of The Beast Mastery Ghost Mastery 6 Once an enemy is afflicted with the mark, all incoming damage is increased by 2x for up to 5 seconds.
PermaFrost Mastery Death Knight Mastery 6 A chance to transform nearby blocks into snow and ice when damaged, reducing your incoming damage while standing on the blocks and causing fatigue in the attacker (based on level).
Poltergeist Mastery Ghost Mastery 3 Immune to Nature's Wrath snare, a chance to negate Dimensional Traveler and Mother of Yijiki stun and damage from set abilities. Also negates all fall damage.
TombStone Mastery Death Knight Mastery 10 A chance to drop falling Anvils on nearby enemies, each anvil that lands on an enemy will inflic 10% Armor Durability damage, while also stunning and silencing them for 4 seconds.
Auto Sell Mastery Obtained via Lootbox 1 Automatically sells all blocks broken by your pickaxe for /shop value
Chain Lifesteal Mastery Death Knight Mastery 5 A chance to regain health from multiple enemies near you damaged target based on level
Lava Strider Mastery Obtained via Lootbox 1 Depth Strider, but for Lava. This enchantment requires the user to be on the Cosmic Client to function properly due to vanilla client limitations.
Death Pact Mastery Death Knight Mastery 3 Take less damage for every 10% of missing HP, while also dealing slightly less damage (based on level)

Mastery Kit Basics and FAQ:

  • To obtain access to a Mastery Kit you must have a Mastery Kit Gem and the required /gkit's. If you do not have the required /gkit at the required tier you will not be able to apply the Mastery Kit Gem
  • On successful application you will lose access to those /gkit's
  • Enchants received on an /mkit are guaranteed to be within the top three levels of that enchantment
    • ie: when you pull your Ghostly Shroud Chestplate you are guaranteed Aegis 4, 5, or 6, the only exception is Soul Enchants which can roll at any level
  • Armor Enchantment Orbs CAN be applied to /mkits
  • Enchantment books CAN be applied to /mkits provided they have Mastery Kit shard applied to the Enchantment book
  • /mkits are permanent, your access will remain through resets
  • /mkit access must be unlocked through /fund at the start of a map
  • You can reapply /gkit gems to regain access to those /gkit's after you have unlocked a Mastery Kit
  • Weekly access to kit items
  • Black Scrolls do NOT work on Mastery Kits
  • Heroic Black Scrolls do NOT work on Mastery Kits
  • Holy White Scrolls do NOT work on Mastery Kits


Death Knight Mastery Kit

Necromancer Mastery Mkit

Ghost Mastery Mkit