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Introducing CosmicPvP Mask's, enhance your helmet with a visual upgrade and a pvp enhancement.

General information

  • To apply a mask you simply left click the mask onto your helmet when it is in your inventory.
  • To remove a mask off your helmet you right click your helmet while it is in your inventory.

The Headless Mask

The first mask

  • Trick or Treat! Deck out your set and get in the spirit of something truly evil!
  • Note:This mask is purely visual.

Headless Mask new.png

The Purge Mask

  • Cosmic's first mask that has a bit of an edge boasting an outgoing damage buff of 2.5%! Get a hold of this bad boy while you can!
  • damage buff of 2.5%

Purge Mask new.png

Pumpkin Monster Mask

  • Snuggle up to something terrifying! This mask is limited edition and a rare drop from Trick or Treaters!
  • Note:This mask is purely visual.

Pumpkin Mask.png

The ScareCrow Mask

  • Never an empty belly! Available through the November /cc players can look forward to never losing hunger while being constantly satisfied in the new Scarecrow Mask!
  • Never lose hunger

Scarecrow Mask new.png

The Ghost Mask

  • Note:This mask is purely visual.

Ghost Mask new.png

The Turkey Mask

  • Don't be a Chicken! When you can be a turkey and possibly get away ;)! It is Thanksgiving after all. Available in the Thanksgiving /cc as well as from the Thanksgiving Turkeys!
  • +2% Dodge

Turkey Mask new.png

The Pilgrim Mask

  • What better way to conquer and pillage, by becoming a pilgrim with this amazing mask! Available in the Thanksgiving /cc as well as from the Thanksgiving Turkeys!
  • +25% XP/Drops

Pilgrim Mask new.png

The Monopoly Mask

  • Available in the Lucky /vkit, you better get ready to pass GO and collect BIG with this mask! This will take you to the top of the factions game!
  • 33% Holy white Scroll negation
  • -5% ENEMY DMG

Monopoly Mask new.png

The Necromancer Mask

  • Immune to Lifesteal

Necromancer Mask new.png

The Zeus Mask

  • Immune to Natures Wrath

Zeus Mask new.png

The Spectral Mask

  • Zombie Auto-Disguise at y>200 (in combat)

Spectral Mask new.png

The Santa Mask

  • +2 Max Hearts

Santa Mask new.png

The Rift Mask

  • 50% Mastery Enchant Negation

Rift Mask new.png

The Reindeer Mask

  • Speed 4
  • Flight regardless of rank

Reindeer Mask new.png

The Party Hat Mask

  • 4% DMG
  • -5% Enemy DMG

Party Hat new.png

The Beanie Mask

  • Purely Cosmetic to show off the lootbox god himself

Beanie .png

The Bunny Mask

  • 1.65% Mobs from Spwaners in Chunk

Bunny Mask new.png

The Death Knight Mask

  • 50% chance to negate enemy's Phoenix
  • +2.5% DMG

Death Knight new.png

The Dragon Mask

  • +5% DMG
  • Immune to Fire and Lava damage

Dragon Mask new.png

The Glitch Mask

  • Immune to Teleblock, Bidirectional Teleportaion

Glitch Mask new.png

The Joker Mask

  • +4s Combat Tags on Enemy Players
  • -3s Combat Tag on you

Joker Mask new.png

The Lover Mask

  • Immune to Mortal Coil

Lover Mask new.png

Dungeon Mask

  • 10% change to not use a /dungeon key

Dungeon Mask new.png

Stronghold Mask

  • Capture, Destroy /stronghold caps 2x faster

Stronghold Mask new.png

Outpost Mask

  • Capture, Destroy /outpost caps 2x faster

Outpost Mask new.png

Boss Mask

  • -25% incoming DMG, +10% outgoing DMG to Bosses

Boss Mask.png

Anonymouse Mask

  • Giving all cosmonauts the ability to vanish in all occasions! Once the wearer applies this mask you will disappear from all /near no matter where you are!

Anonymous Mask.png

Anti-Silence Mask

  • Exclusive to this weeks Supernova Lootboxes is the next big mask for PvP on Cosmic! You and your faction will surely want to get your hands on this one! Add this to your collection before your enemies do it first!

Anti-Silence Mask.png

Terminator Mask

  • Are you tired of your enemies simply running away? The Terminator Mask was specifically designed for you to be able to reduce the proc rates of those pesky enchants that your enemies use to get away!

Terminator Mask.png

Equalizer Mask

  • Tired of dealing with those pesky enemies fighting with the Maverick /f upgrade? Well worry no more as this mask will help eliminate those worries and get your faction back to tier 1 status!

Equalizer Mask.png

Thanos Mask

  • Thanos maybe would have beat the Avengers if he had this mask! You will surely want to get your hands on this which will help you destroy more than half of your enemies! This mask was created as a holiday special.

Thanos Mask.png

Multi Masks

  • Multi-Masks are masks that are merged together in order to combine different abilities!


Godly Multi-Mask Lootbox

  • The Godly Multi-Mask Lootbox features a chance and some of the best mask combinations in the cosmic galaxy!

Godly MultiMask Pack.png