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LMS Top LeaderBoard

Initial Release: June 9, 2017
Commands: All
Frequency: Constant

LMS, Last Man Standing, a test of patience, strength, and your ability to hide in plain sight, with great patience comes great rewards.

The purpose of LMS is to be the last man standing! The player who survives the longest in the main warzone of their planet the longest is announced the "LMS"

In order to become the LMS, you must kill everyone that has been in the warzone longer than you.

You also must keep moving or you will lose all of your multipliers.

Entering The Warzone

Whenever you enter your planet's main warzone (which is located directly under /spawn) you will start to accumulate money and EXP every minute.

The longer you stay in this area and the closer you are to the center of the area the higher the rewards will become.

The trick to getting the best rewards is to move around. If you don't you will lose all of your multipliers!

Distance Multiplier
10 Blocks
25 Blocks
50 Blocks
100 Blocks

Being LMS

When you first become "LMS" your name, as well as your coordinates, will be displayed to everyone in the warzone

When you are the "LMS" your coordinates will be placed in chat and anyone in the warzone will be able to come find you (this happens about every minute).


  • Receive amazing loot
  • Easy to hide/run away from enemies
  • Useful for start of planet


  • Releases coordinates in chat
  • Places a target on your head
  • Can be ganked at any time

LMS Loot

You can either receive EXP or Money every minute that you are in the warzone.

The amount you gain is determined by how long you have been in the warzone and how close you are to the center block.

You also need to be careful of people trying to kill you. Having good gear or having friends at your side is necessary to survive and get rewards.

Useful Commands

  • /LMS or /Warzone will both tell you the basic rules of Last Man Standing
  • /LMS Top or /Warzone Top will show you who is in the warzone, how long they have been there, and who the LMS is