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CosmicPvP KOTH Arena

First KOTH: August 31, 2016
Development Team: Compilex
Commands: Limited
Frequency: 4 days a week

KOTH, King of the Hill, is a test of your endurance, your team's organization, and your ability to PvP as a team, sporting Extreme Loot, excessive PvP, and pandemonium!

A link to the KOTH Cosmic Tutorials video can be found here

What is KOTH?

What is the goal of the game?

The purpose of KOTH is to capture the hill! The first player across the red line begins "capping" (capturing) and must remain within that red circle to be successful!

The amount of time required to capture the KOTH is shown on the scoreboard, and on release will be 15 minutes.

KOTH and Custom Enchants

Your [Custom Enchants] on your gear will work in the KOTH world, however, it must be noted that there are some adaptations to ensure that the KOTH game itself will be properly balanced. We have implemented the following changes:

  • Soul Enchants cost double to use
  • Nature's wrath has been dramatically nerfed
  • Shockwave's distance of pushback has been nerfed because it's an area of effect
  • Guardians will proc less frequently
  • Leadership has been nerfed by ~50%

What is unique about Cosmic KOTH's?

Cosmic KOTH's have, in addition to competitive gameplay and custom enchants, KOTH Space Demons that will spawn approximately every 4 minutes and become more difficult to kill the longer they survive.

Also, and important to note, there is NO LOOT PROTECTION in the KOTH world! This means, anything dropped, regardless of who killed the player, can be picked up by ANYONE!

How long does it take to capture?

KOTH's take 15 minutes to capture. What this means is that in order to be successful at KOTH you must be the individual capping the KOTH (the scoreboard and /koth indicates who is capping) and remain within that red line without being knocked outside the red line for 15 minutes.


KOTH Loot Preview

Command: /koth loot

These events are meant to be highly contested and their rewards reflect that! On successfully capping the KOTH and retreating out of the KOTH world, the player with the KOTH loot bag stands to reap some hefty rewards.

Guaranteed Enchantment Orb

You are guaranteed a 10, 11, or 12 Slot Armor/Weapon Enchantment Orb

Guaranteed Showcase or /sethome expansion

You will acquire one or the other when you successfully cap KOTH

Chance at exclusive KOTH titles

There are 5 different possible titles that you can earn:

  • ssMeBro
  • VapeOP
  • #Cleared
  • 69cps
  • The elusive and exceedingly rare : (つ▀¯▀)つ

Chance at exclusive KOTH gear

  • KOTH Helmet
  • KOTH Chestplate
  • KOTH Leggings
    • Includes a rare chance of Nature's Wrath
  • KOTH Boots
  • KOTH Grind Sword
  • KOTH PvP Sword
    • Includes a rare chance of Divine Immolation
  • KOTH Axe
    • Includes a chance of Soul Trap and a chance at Silence!
  • KOTH Bow
    • Includes a rare chance of teleblock

KOTH and Commands

KOTH sports KOTH specific commands as well, players should note, other typical commands in the KOTH will be limited.

KOTH Specific Commands

  • /koth: Shows the current KOTH status including who, if anyone, is capturing
  • /koth loot: Shows a random pull of KOTH loot that can be acquired by winning the KOTH

In-Game Commands players are limited to while at KOTH

  • /koth
  • /ptime
  • /block
  • /near
  • /feed
  • /fix
  • /fly
  • /heal
  • /workbench
  • /warp
  • /spawn
  • /f
  • /home
  • /lag
  • /bump
  • /kit
  • /gkit
  • /envoy
  • /xp
  • /gkit
  • /seen
  • /trade
  • /withdraw
  • /bal
  • /stats
  • /inspect
  • /msg (and related private messaging commands)
  • /staff
  • /find
  • /help
  • /shop

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the KOTH?

When the KOTH becomes active you will see a notification in chat as well have access to /warp KOTH and /Koth warp.

Do we have to supply our own gear?

Yes, KOTH and your ability to capture it is a reflection of your ability to work as a team, PvP, and build the best gear possible. If you die your gear drops and is not protected. Be Warned!

Are you able to join the KOTH world AFTER the KOTH has been captured?

No, once the KOTH is captured the warp is disabled.

Can the player who successfully captures the KOTH be killed with the Loot Bag?

Yes, they can be killed! They must successfully make it out of the KOTH world to safely get away with the goods!

Can the player who successfully captures the KOTH open the Loot Bag in the KOTH world?

Yes, absolutely!

If you capture the KOTH and your inventory is full what happens to the Loot Bag?

It will drop to the ground! Be careful

Does Knockback and Obliterate work in the KOTH?

Yes! The capture ring is larger and the build is built so as to assist in mitigating these enchants if you're smart about it! Remember this is a team event, use your wits and your team!

If the person capturing KOTH is knocked out how is the next player determined?

The KOTH plugin will select the player closest to the center of the KOTH capture area. If there are multiple players in that area, a random selection of the players in that area will be chosen.

Does KOTH run at the same time on all planets?

Yes. This will deter OP Factions from intergalactic KOTH capping

I have a suggestion, where do I post it?

Please take the time to get to know the KOTH and the gamemode prior to making suggestions. As with all things Cosmic, KOTH here is unique and will require some time to adjust to. KOTH requires skill and organization, if you don't have experience with the game mode it will take time to hone those skills to compete with some of the best out there!

KOTH is too hard, the big factions are dominating! What do I do?

Get an organized KOTH team together and make a plan, schedule it! We've announced when the KOTH events will be held for this reason!

You should add KOTH Statistics!

You can view them here.