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Jackpot is a lottery system on CosmicPvP that allows players to purchase lottery tickets for a chance at the pot. The more tickets you put in, the better of a chance you have. The Jackpot is taxed just like Coin flip. The Jackpot will draw a winner every 2 hours. Tickets are only valid for one round.

NOTE: Purchasing the most tickets DOES NOT in any way guarantee a win. Ticket buying ONLY increasing the chances of winning.

Tickets cost $10,000 each and the pot is taxed 10%


  • /jackpot - displays current jackpot, time until drawing, # of tickets sold
  • /jackpot buy <x> - buys X tickets for current jackpot, confirms price
  • /jackpot top - list of players who have won jackpot the most # of times.​
  • /jackpot stats - shows how many tickets you bought and how many jackpots you have won