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Item Filter allows players to limit what items they are able to pick up in game.


/filter toggle (or /ft) to toggle the item filter on or off.
/filter edit to white list the items you want to pick up.

NOTE: In some areas you cannot /ft, so ensure before you go somewhere you have /ft enabled.

Editing your Item Filter

Items are categorized for ease of use:


Toggle the type of Armor and Weapons you wish to pick up:

Leather Armor Gold Armor Iron Armor
Diamond Armor Iron Weapons and Tools Gold Weapons and Tools
Diamond Weapons and Tools Bows Enderpearls
Potions Dropped Player Heads

Potion Supplies

Toggle any common vanilla and McMMO potions supplies:

Leather Armor Gold Armor Iron Armor
Spider Eye Magma Cream Ghast Tear
Slime Ball Netherwart Melon
Sugar Glowstone Dust Glowstone Block
Golden Carrot Potions Bottles
Lilypad Carrot Quartz
Red Mushroom Brown Mushroom Apple
Ink Sac Poisonous Potato Golden Apple

Raiding Supplies

Toggle common raiding supplies:

Redstone Dust Redstone Lamp Redstone Torch
Redstone Ore Comparator Repeater
Lava Bucket Water Bucket TNT
Cobweb Sponge Ice
Packed Ice Dispenser Dropper
Creeper Egg Piston Sticky Piston
Hopper Flint and Steel


Toggle foods

Bone Carrot Pumpkin
Melon Block Melon Raw Beef
Steak Reeds/Sugarcane Cactus
Raw Pork Cooked Pork Chop Golden Apple
Pumpkin Seed Melon Seed Seed


Toggle specialty items you don't want to miss

Spawners Mob Eggs Name Tags
Chests Paper Maps
EXP Bottles Redstone Torch Books
Ink Sac Torch Emeralds
Magma Cream Golden Apple Diamond
Bone Enderpearls Blaze Rod
Nether Stars Firework Charge


Toggle ores that you will able to pick up

Iron Ore Iron Ingot Iron Block
Gold Ore Gold Ingot Gold Block
Redstone Ore Redstone Dust Redstone Block
Lapis Ore Lapis Lazuli Lapis Block
Coal Ore Coal Coal Block
Emerald Ore Emerald Emerald Block
Diamond Ore Diamond Diamond Block


Sand Gravel Discs All other blocks
Represented by a Dragon Egg