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The world fund is enabled during the beginning of a planet after it's reset. It will lock certain pieces of content until the global fund is surpassed. Rank Kits and the Master Builder is EXEMPT. You can still redeem Gkit or Vkit gems but cannot use them.


Commands associated with the World Fund are:
  • /fund
  • /fund deposit <amount>
  • /fund top (Shows the top funders​)

Fund Checkpoints

The World Fund has multiple checkpoints. These checkpoints include:
Unlock /vkit: $20m
Unlock 2x LMS Rewards: $25m
Unlock /gkit: $50m
Unlock /warp end: $75m
Unlock Heroic /gkit: $100m


Fund rewards are given to the top 3 player who contribute to the fund. The rewards are given on each NEW unlock.
Rewards are as follows:
1st Place: 3x Godly Chests
2nd Place: 2x Godly Chests
3rd Place: 1x Godly Chests