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Envoys are loot chests that spawn in warzones. There are 2 different types of envoys, Battlefield or "Godly" envoys, and regular envoys.

Envoy Loot

Envoy loot varies by tier which can be easily identified by the fireworks it sets off:

Tier Color Description
Simple White Most common and lowest quality
Unique Green A step up from Simple but not much better
Elite Blue Can acquire some decent loot if you're lucky
Ultimate Yellow Some better loot, worth taking a risk. Watch out for enemy mobs jumping from the chest!
Legendary Black Best available loot, can find ranks, gkits, fallen heroes and more! Watch out for enemy mobs when breaking the chest!

Regular Envoys

1-2x every hour in all warzones other than Battlefield and Nether, loot chests spawn. The quantity of envoy chests that spawn is dependent on the quantity of players in and around the warzone.

Undead Guardians

Envoy chests at the Elite level and above will have a 50-70% chance of spawning in Undead Guardians. These mobs will almost certainly combat tag you and if you're not prepared, potentially kill you.

Battlefield / Godly Envoys

Approximately 1x every 4 hours a Heroic Battlefield Boss will spawn at /battlefield. Once the Heroic Battlefield boss is killed it will spawn a high-tier or "godly" envoy containing envoy chests that are an Elite tier or above!

Heroic Envoy Boss

The heroic envoy boss is a Buffed Plague Bloater. He deals double the damage and has double the armor of a normal Plague Bloater. Make sure you kill him to spawn in the Envoy!

Chests and Loot

The Envoy Boss will give up to TWO Godly Space Chests when killed.
As mentioned the Envoy Chests spawned will be elite and higher. They will Combat tag you when you break them and Space Demons will spawn once the chest is broken. The Chests will spawn around 30 blocks from where the Boss died.