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CosmicPvP Dungeons

First Dungeon: December 8, 2017
Dungeons Page http://dungeons.cosmicpvp.com/
Commands: Limited
Frequency: Daily

CosmicPvP has its own unique dungeons, filled with bosses, parkours, mazes, challenges, and lots of loot!

Take a moment to check out the Dungeons Release Trailer!

What is the Main Objective of a Dungeon?

  • The main goal of a dungeon is to make your way through all of the challenges, staying alive, and working as a team to finish the dungeon in a certain amount of time.

How do you Enter a Dungeon?

There are two ways to enter a Dungeon.

  • A) Craft a portal, place it and walk in.
  • B) Go to the daily dungeon which happens every day at 5:00 PM EST

How to Craft a Portal

  • You need 7 "Enchanted Obsidian" 1 "Cosmonaut Fuel Cell" and 1 "Dimension Web" You place these 9 items into a crafting table and you get yourself a Dungeon Portal.

Dungeon Crafting.png

Portal Materials

  • The materials used to craft a portal are obtainable through 3 ways. They can be gained from Conquest Drops, KOTH Loot Bags, and End Mobs. You can also obtain Dungeon Portals through some Cosmic Crates.

Accessing a Portal

  • To enter a dungeon you need a Dungeon Key which can be purchased for 25 million dollars at the Dungeon Master which is found at your /spawn.
  • Note that anyone can use any portal so be sure to find a spot where only you and your allies will be able to enter the portal.
  • Also note that if you die in a dungeon you will not be able to participate in that dungeon and will not receive loot even if the dungeon is successfully completed.
  • Dungeon keys are permanent and last the entire life of that map.
  • You can also purchase a Dungeon Key from the server store.
  • Portals can only be placed on the Spawn Ship.

Once Inside The Dungeon

  • PvP IS enabled so be sure to get ready for some team fights!
  • Gear is not dropped upon death, so yes you spawn with your gear after dying. Gear is still breakable. If a piece breaks you lose it.
  • Only one dungeon instance can be running on a single planet.

What Useful Commands Can You Use in a Dungeon?

During a dungeon, you can use many commands in case you need anything. You can use the following commands...

  • /pv
  • /shop
  • /f ally, truce, neutral, enemy
  • /f kick/invite (player)
  • /ah

Dungeon Bosses

  • There are 2 boss fights in a dungeon.
  • Once you first enter the dungeon you will encounter a long hallway with pressure plates and iron doors. Once you go through there you will encounter the first boss. Once a single player goes through the doors the hallway will shut behind you leaving any players not passed a certain point locked out and unable to get loot bags.
  • The boss has 3 stages and 4 attack phases. (5 stages on 2nd boss) The 3 stages are Chain Reaction, Unstoppable Force. and Temporal Rift. On Chain Reaction, you are going to want to go on the boss. This is the safest stage to attack the boss. Temporal Rift is when the boss spawns large areas of end portals on the ground. If you fall into one of these its an instant death and elimination from the dungeon instance. Unstoppable Force means the boss is "Charging". This is when the boss charges at a person and it is a 1 shot death. There will be a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown before it charges.
  • The 4 attack phases are Swords, Axes, Bows, and Invincible. On each of these phases, it will vulnerable to only that weapon. On invincible, you can not harm the boss.
  • On the 2nd boss, the 4th stage the boss has is called After Image. On this stage, the boss spawns 2 minions which will charge at players. It will not kill you but it will do most of your health. The main boss is still damageable at this stage.
  • The 5th stage the 2nd boss has is called Anti-Wither. This makes you take mass amounts of poison damage no matter where you are standing. You are still able to attack the boss at this stage.

What Kind of Loot is Obtainable From a Dungeon?

There is a wide variety of look obtainable from completing a dungeon. You are able to get...

  • Phantom Set pieces
  • Yijki Set pieces
  • Heroic Enchants
  • Soul Anvils
  • Holy White Scrolls
  • Soul Pearls
  • Soul Dust
  • Money Notes
  • Transmog Scrolls
  • Item Nametags
  • White Scrolls
  • McMMO Vouchers
  • Vanilla Depth Strider Enchant Books
  • Mini Envoy from challenge completion

Dungeon Loot1.gif Dungeon Loot2.gif

Loot in Depth

  • Mother of Yijki Armor Set: Incoming damage reduced by 30%.
  • Phantom Armor Set: Outgoing damage increased by 25%.
  • Holy White Scroll: A legendary /dungeon reward that can be applied to armor/weapons, giving a 100% chance of not losing the blessed item on death.
  • Soul Pearl: A rare /dungeon trinket that functions like a normal enderpearl, but costs souls instead of being consumed on use.
  • Soul Anvil: A powerful /dungeon trinket that heals durability of all equipped armor on right-click by 10% in exchange for souls. 60s cooldown.
  • Divine Enlightened: High chance of healing lots of HP while taking damage. Requires Enlightened III enchant on the item to apply.
  • Godly Overload: A very large permanent increase in hearts. Requires Overload III enchant on the item to apply.
  • Planetary Deathbringer: An increased chance to deal 2.5x damage. Requires Deathbringer III enchant on the item to apply.
  • Master Inquisitive: Massively increases EXP drops from mobs. Requires Inquisitive IV enchant on the item to apply.

Loot Cooldowns

  • You may only receive loot upon completing a dungeon and exiting through the exit portal.
  • A player can only receive loot once every 3 days. So yes a 3-day cooldown for receiving loot once obtaining a bag.
  • Yes, you can still run a dungeon on your loot cooldown but however will not receive loot even if the dungeon is completed successfully.