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CosmicPvP Duels Arena

Duels Release: August 23, 2015

(Updated August 19th, 2016)

Development Team: Compilex
Commands: Limited

Cosmic Dueling is the test of skill against players to really show your skill in the PvP aspect of factions. Do you have what it takes to win in PvP battle against fierce competitors? Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is, and place your stakes?

Cosmic Dueling includes:
  • Ranked Duels
  • Unranked Duels
  • Envoy Duels
  • /Gkit Duels
  • Kit Duels
  • Godset Duels
and much more!

You can view the Cosmic PvP Duels update tutorial video here

Duel Customization

Duel settings are completely customizable to your likings, and can help to ensure that your PvP experience is based off of an equal playing field.

Duel settings are pretty self explanatory, and include:
  • Gapples:
  • McMMO
  • Potions
  • Bows
  • Healing (enable/disable vanilla regeneration)
  • Food Loss
  • Permanent Durability Loss (Only if with own gear)
  • Enderpearls
  • Risk Inventory
  • Bounty
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • /fix
  • /fly
  • Cosmic Envoy
  • Death Certificates
  • Various Kit Selections

Kit Selections include:
  • No Kit (PvP in the gear you have on)
  • Soup Kit
  • Potion Kit
  • Potion (No debuff) Kit
  • Global Kit
  • Envoy Kit

With CosmicPvP Duels, you can put stakes on the line to add some spice into your victory.

Some things to note include:
  • Each player can put up to 11 stake items on the line.
  • If the winners inventory CAN NOT hold all of the steak items recently won, remaining items WILL be put into the /duel collect window.
  • Players DO NOT have to use the stakes menu.
  • Both players DO NOT have to input stakes. They can be one sided.

Pot loadouts can also be edited for Unranked Duels via the /duel customize command.


Here are a list of associated commands with Duels:
  • /duel < player >
  • /duel
  • /duel queue
  • /duel spectate
  • /duel ranked
  • /duel unranked
  • /duel godset
  • /duel custom
  • /duel top
  • /duel collect
  • /duel help

Ranked Duels

Ranked duels attempt to queue you up with people in your level of pvp skill. If no one is on your level it will attempt to find people either better or worse than you.

Ranked Duels feature 5 custom arenas to battle in, with flat centers perfect for PvP.

How to use Ranked

First, you need customize your godset to your liking. Use /duel godset to do so.
After you've successfully setup your godset you can use /duel and click on the sword to get put into the ranked queue! You'll stay in the queue until it has found a adequate opponent for you to fight!

How to set up your Godset

To set up your godset for ranked duels you firstly need to type in the command /duel godset.
Once in the little gui you'll see a layout of armor and weapons. You can add the enchants you like to them; do note, some enchants are removed!
Every piece of armor has a maximum of 9 enchant slots! Every tier of enchants have a cost to them, they range from 1 to 3 Enchant slots each. Be wise when picking your armor enchants!
You can use the key 'esc' to go back.

Decline a Ranked Match?

If you decline a ranked match you'll have to wait five minutes until you can queue up again!


"Elo" is the thing that determines who you'll be fighting. The more you win, the higher your elo goes.
The duel attempts to find someone near your elo level.
If you beat a player with higher elo then yourself, you'll gain more elo than if the player had less elo than you. But, if you lose and the player has less elo than you, you'll lose more elo than if he had more elo than yourself.


Unranked duels allow players that do not want to competitivly pvp show off their skill against friends, enemies, or even random players.

In unranked you don't gain or lose elo.
You have to pick the duel settings you want to use and you don't use the godset you made for ranked duels.
Soul Enchants are DISABLED in Unraked Duels, however Heroic Enchants are enabled.