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Typical 50/50 coinflip betting game allowing players to place their bets on their luck.

NOTE: Coinflips are purely luck based. There is NO WAY to rig a coinflip, and chances are purely 50/50


  • /coinflip help - Shows coinflip commands
  • /coinflip - Shows coinflips that are currently available
  • /coinflip <Amount> - Starts a coinflip wager for the amount you specify
  • /coinflip cancel - Cancels your current /coinflip bet
  • /coinflip toggle - Toggles /coinflip notifications in chat (you can also use /coinflip off, /coinflip ignore, and /coinflip stfu)
  • /cf - Alias for /coinflip​
  • /cf stats - Shows your cf winnings and losses

NOTE: 10% Tax is taken away from the winning prize pool upon every coinflip