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Daily Challengers offer players to compete for prizes over the course of a days time. Prizes can contain OP loot for the top 3 placers in the specific challenge.

There are 5 Daily Challenges up for competition every day
Daily Challenges reset ONCE per day (24 hours)


Commands associated with Daily Challenges include:
  • /challenge(s) or /contests (Lists all challenges that are currently active for that day)
  • /challenge claim (Shows all the prizes you have won that you haven't redeemed yet)

Possible Competitions

Some of the possible Daily Challenges include:
  • Most mobs killed
  • Most blocks mined using a pick
  • Most mcmmo gained in a specific skill
  • Most ores mined
  • Most blocks placed
  • Most trees cut down
  • Most fish caught
  • Most ranked duels won
  • Most unranked duels won
  • Most envoy chests broken
  • Most bosses killed
  • Most time spent in end
  • Most players knocked off edge in end
  • Most ender monsters killed
  • Most XP gained
  • Most Custom Books Opened
  • Most XP spent at enchanter
And many more!


Prizes that can be won from Daily Challenges are:
1st Place:
  • 1x Godly Items
  • 8x Legendary Items
  • 70,000 EXP
2nd Place:
  • 6x Legendary Items
  • 30,000 EXP
3rd Place:
  • 3x Legendary Items
  • 15,000 EXP