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Custom TNT

Cosmic offers a variety of different types of TNT to give raiders a new edge:

  • Gigantic TNT - Explodes in a much larger radius. (Spawns 2 extra explosions at y+3 and y-3 of TNT, and another 3 explosions at either x+3, z+3 or x-3 and z-3)
  • Lethal TNT - A more dense, dangerous explosion. (Creates 4x extra TNT explosions at the same location of the original, effectively destroying 4/4 obsidian in one explosion.)
  • Lucky TNT - Increases changes of spawner drops. (200% the normal chance of a spawner dropping from explosion)
  • Tactical TNT - Explosion only affects mob spawners. (No blocks will be affected by this explosion except for Monster_Spawners)
  • Mimic TNT - Repeats the same explosion many times. (Spawns a TNT explosion at the same location every 5s for the 15s total, or 3 explosions)
  • Hex TNT - Weakens block durability. (All blocks within the radius of the explosion take 2x damage for the 30s after the initial explosion)
  • Silent TNT - Quiet, makes much less noise. (Explosion can only be heard by players within 16x16 blocks)
  • Anti Gravity TnT - Explosions only affect blocks with gravity, and do not cause any physics events.

- On the cannon planets, you can access custom TNT via the command /givetnt


Water/Lava Mechanics

Water and Lava mechanics on Cosmic are different to what you will find in Vanilla Minecraft.

  • Lava DOES flow allowing for the creation of regens, regen filters, and other defenses. This also includes the ability to gen walls in
  • Lava cannot be detonated via TNT or the custom enchant detonate
  • Water CAN NOT flow into flowing lava
  • Water and lava CAN be sponged

NOTE: Don't unload the chunk your are genning to ensure the walls will gen in correctly. Failure to do so can result in the creation of a lava lake. This however can be corrected by an admin.

Cannoning Information

Some Information that must be known regarding CosmicPvP cannoning is as follows:

  • Cannoning was designed around traditional 230 One-Shots being able to work.
  • TNT can be lobbed over 256; however, it can not explode if it lands on top of a block at 255/256
  • TNT is removed upon touching the outside of world-border
  • Fence gates, brewing stands, carpets, daylight sensors, spawners, and player heads blow up even when water protected.
  • Cannons can stack on fence gates and the sides of fences
  • Obsidian has four durability meaning it requires four TNT to destroy them.
  • Enchantment tables have six durability.
  • The remaining durability of a block of obsidian or an enchantment table can be tested by punching the block using a potato, displaying the durability as a fraction (i.e 4/4, 6/6).
  • There is a TNT limit of 1000 per server. This includes any custom TNT spawned in by custom enchants or world events (warzone bosses).
  • There is a piston limit of 80 pistons (sticky and normal pistons) per chunk.

Redstone Anti-Skid


As of October 4, 2019 With the new Anti-skid system the only people that can see the full details of your cannon are members in the same faction and allies to your faction.

  • Note: Enemies, Neutrals, and Truces will not be able to see the full glory of your redstone builds!