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This warp is totally enclosed and is meant to challenge players on a PvP front.
Hosting Heroic Envoys and Seasonal Events players should be careful when heading to this warp as there are limited commands.
(Released August 23, 2015)

  • Completely Enclosed
  • No Derps
  • No Envoys
  • You will not lose your Bounty there
  • Inventory drops on death
  • Enderpearls will have a 30 second cooldown instead of the 15 seconds in the overworld.

Limited Commands

  • /warp
  • /shop
  • /spawn
  • /f
  • /msg
  • /fly (if you are top tier rank)
  • /fix (if your rank is high enough)
  • /feed (if your rank is high enough)‚Äč
  • /heal (if your rank is high enough)