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</div> Two-Step Verification is a means to secure your account so that IF your account is compromised they will not be able to leave the hub, move, join any of the planets or harm your faction! It requires a security code that only you have. Regardless of how secure you believe your account is, this is peace of mind for you and your faction that NOBODY will be able to access your account, your pv's or harm your faction! We recommend ALL users use this.

In-Game Two-Step Verification

How do I set up Two-Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification can ONLY be done from the hub!

First, you need to download Authy. Authy will provide you with your code.

The reason we recommend Authy is because it allows you to keep multiple authentication codes in one location (things like google authenticator codes, Microsoft authentication codes, twitch 2 factor authentication codes) as well, you are able to have the application on your phone as well as on your desktop/laptop etc. provided you use google chrome.

Once you have downloaded the Two-Step Verification Application log in to CosmicPvP.com and execute the command /2fa and you will be prompted with the message below and a map. To look at the map, just point your head downwards